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America's most popular jobs


What is the most popular job in your state? Well, the most common career in America is in retail. But what if you looked at “popular” not in terms of total numbers but based on the most concentrated jobs in particular states when compared to the nation as a whole? 

Logger in Oregon? Check. They’re naturally more concentrated there than anywhere else.

Oil industry engineer in Texas? Ditto.

Marriage therapist in New Jersey? Obviously. Wait, what?

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Get ready for the most unusual jobs list yet. Business Insider looked at Census data and determined which career in each state is the most disproportionately concentrated there.

For example, it looked at various categories of jobs in Iowa and found the number of people doing those jobs per 10,000 workers. Then they compared the number of people doing those same jobs per 10,000 workers across the country. The category with the biggest difference between those two ratios was listed as the top job for that state. In Iowa, no surprise, the most popular career using this analysis is agriculture scientist.

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In Hawaii, it’s tour guide.

In North Dakota, it’s oil and gas driller.

Top jobs in other states, however, may leave you scratching your head.

Mississippi: upholsterer. Really?

South Dakota: college resident advisor. How many can there be??

Missouri: psychiatric technician. ("Show me crazy!")

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New Jersey: as mentioned above, it's marriage and family therapist (watch the video to see my Oscar-worthy performance in counseling).

California: not tech workers, not anyone in the entertainment industry. ... It's farm worker.

And in New York? The most popular job using this analysis—comparing its concentration in New York versus the national norm—is fashion designer. "If you can make it there, you'll make it ... there. ..."

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