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Aromatherapy or sugaring? How Americans pamper themselves


All work and no play makes Jane a total monster.

Life is short! We work hard. Be good to yourself!

Americans work more hours and take less time off than the rest of the industrialized world (in much of the developing world, just staying alive is a full-time job).

We work an hour longer than we sleep and six hours longer than we relax.

It's time to be good to yourself. Enjoy a little pampering.

Groupon has come up with a list of the most pampered cities in America based on the types of Groupon deals most popular by geography.

Here are the top three:

#3 Cleveland, Ohio

"Hot in Cleveland" isn't just a show, it's a way of life! The city is launching a health tech corridor, the Cleveland Clinic is a world class academic medical center, and with the return of Lebron James and the debut of Johnny Manziel, Cleveland is a sports town again. Groupon reports Clevelanders like a lot of health and beauty deals. In particular, they grab discounts for aromatherapy and Reiki sessions. Cleveland actually ranks second for grabbing the most deals on juice cleanses, and it's first for "sugaring," a hair removal process using sugar.

#2 White Plains, NY

This city is one of the most expensive places in America to live. Residents here can afford to pamper themselves. When they do, Groupon says they prefer grooming themselves from head to toe, ranking first overall for haircuts and "facial rejuvenation." The city is also in the top five for foot treatments.

#1 Green Bay, Wis.

Whaaaa? Green Bay is the most pampered city in America? The ghost of Vince Lombardi is shaking his head in shame. But think about it. One in five jobs in this Green Bay area is in manufacturing, which can RUIN your nails. Going to Packers games at Lambeau Field in the winter is MURDER on your skin. This can be the only explanation why residents in Green Bay buy so many Groupon deals for manicures and facials.

Then there are the cities with the unusual fetishes, I mean, preferences.

Baton Rouge, La.: teeth whitening (Too many Tabasco stains?)

Seattle: waxing (For what? Name the last time Seattle had bikini weather?)

Columbus, Ga: colon hydrotherapy (I don't even wanna know.)

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