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24 Bathrooms? Some of the biggest homes money can buy


For those who believe the bigger the carbon footprint the better, look at these homes on steroids for sale in America. They are big, strapping habitations large enough to house a small village.

They put the "man" in mansion.

To see the houses, watch the video.

Here are some details on the top five, listed from smallest to most ginormous.

A whole lotta Georgia on my mind

This quaint, three-story Mediterranean home measures a mere 47,000 square feet and sits on 130 acres in Cartersville, Ga., outside Atlanta. The house was designed for "a multi-best-selling author," and includes five bedrooms, seven baths and four half baths (you're never too far from a toilet!). There's a home theater plus a "cafe and unique guest plaza." The author must be cold a lot, because there are 14 fireplaces.

Price: $8.5 million.


Blissful above the smog

Sitting in the most expensive ZIP code in America is a sprawling mansion of 47,182 square feet. It rests on 8 acres behind the gates of Bliss Canyon Road in Bradbury, Calif., in the shadow of the mountains east of Los Angeles. The home promises "unparalleled city & ocean views," which is probably true three days a year after rain washes away the smog. In truth, there are several structures on the site. The main house is actually "only" 32,000 square feet, and amenities include a 15-person Jacuzzi—at what point does a Jacuzzi become a pool?—plus a two-story waterfall. There's also covered parking for 10 cars because, in LA, you never want to drive the same car two days in a row. It would be bad form.

Price: (gulp) $68.8 million.

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Everything, plus several kitchen sinks

Like “The Blob,” some houses just seem to keep growing, like this two-story home built in 2010 on 75 acres in Springville, Utah, measuring 49,568 square feet. It's a virtual city under one roof, so there's never any need to leave. Indoor pool with slides? Check. Theater? Check. Elevator? Obviously. Indoor basketball court? Whoa. Bowling alley? Gosh. Indoor shooting range? What? By the way, if you do have to step outside, the driveway is covered in heated pavers.

Price: $30 million.

Sweet home, Alabama

This isn't a home. It's a castle. The 15 bed, 16 bath home in Birmingham, Ala., covers 50,000 square feet and includes design details from artisans who have also worked at Buckingham Palace. Yes, Buck-freaking-ham Palace. Settled among 27 acres of pastureland, the massive house also has two cabana homes by the pool, a barn with living quarters, an outdoor riding ring, an 11-car garage and, stop me if you've heard this one, a movie theater.

Price: $13.9 million.

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 Rocky Mountain High-aye-aye!

It is one of the biggest of the big houses for sale, an estate which has more space for cars than beds, and more toilets than anything else. The home in Parker, Colo., measures 50,397 square feet. That is more than an acre ... just for the house. A half-hour south of Denver, it is being advertised as either an "incredible family compound or awesome corporate retreat." (I've always found the word "compound" to conjure up images more akin to "Big Love" than "The Big Valley"). The listing boasts panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, with fountains, indoor pool and spa, and the following, in order of magnitude: 10 fireplaces, 11 bedrooms, 16-car garage, and...wait for it...24 bathrooms. Two. Dozen. Bathrooms. It is flush with toilets! But you don't have to be too flush to buy it. The price had been listed close to $20 million.

Price: It's just been reduced to under $15 million. Big house, smaller price.

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