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Make this a Valentine's Day to remember


Roses are red.

And boring.

We've decided to help you up your game this Valentine's Day with the top gifts, the best suggestions, and the most outrageous ideas. Some cost a fortune, others are free. All will be memorable. Watch the video to get the picture.

First—the top gift for your sweetheart is the "Capital Engagement Package" being offered at the Capella Hotel in Washington, D.C. Show the power of your love in the most powerful city on Earth! Splurge in a town where they've set the spending bar impossibly high!

The $777,777 package includes private jet travel for the loving couple, a stay in the hotel's Presidential Suite, a five-course meal served in room accompanied by a string trio, free shopping, massage, mani-pedi, blah blah blah.

But the real show-stopper: The hotel will fly in 20 friends who can witness you popping the question up on the roof with a blinding 5.01-carat Graff Diamond. Hey, even if she says 'no', SOMEONE will say yes to that diamond (call me).

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Second—our best gift suggestion. This one is simple and inexpensive. Sometimes, it really is the thought that counts, so take a few minutes and create a Valentine's coupon book. It's an old, corny idea that NEVER FAILS TO PLEASE. Coupons could be for foot massages, movie nights, or, well, you could promise to clip your toenails once a month. Yes, I'm talking to you.

Finally, the most outrageous V-Day idea is in Pasadena, Calif. Kanye West may have rented out AT&T Park to propose to Kim Kardashian last fall, but you can do him one better. The Langham Huntington Hotel is offering the "Proposal of the Century Package."

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For $100,000, you and your love will stay in the Tournament of Roses Suite at the elegant hotel. More importantly, you'll rent out the Rose Bowl Stadium, where up to 40 friends can witness you taking a knee midfield and proposing with a 2.5-carat diamond while being serenaded by the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra as your love is declared on the digital scoreboard. SCORE!


You may have noticed we've only mentioned gifts for women (though some men probably wouldn't say "no" to a Rose Bowl proposal!!). However, generally speaking, surveys show men pretty much want one thing for Valentine's Day. The same thing they want every day.


Sex is their choice for TOP gift. Sex is their BEST suggestion. And sex, they hope, will be THE MOST popular idea.

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According to Men's Health, more than half of men in relationships expect sex on Feb. 14, and even more want it. A survey by RetailMeNot.com said 2 in 3 men would rather have sex than a gift for Valentine's Day. The only shock: 1 in 3 would rather have a gift. Perhaps they'd like that  diamond.


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