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Feb 18, 2018 - Feb 24, 2018



Earnings on Thu, Feb 221-100 of 150 results

SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%)
ACIWACI Worldwide IncBefore Market Open0.43--
ADMAADMA Biologics IncTime Not Supplied-0.31--
AVHIAV Homes IncAfter Market Close0.41--
ACIAAcacia Communications IncAfter Market Close0.25--
ACHNAchillion Pharmaceuticals IncTime Not Supplied-0.16--
ATVAcorn International IncBefore Market Open---
ADSWAdvanced Disposal Services IncAfter Market Close0.14--
ADCAgree Realty CorpAfter Market Close0.39--
ALAir Lease CorpAfter Market Close0.87--
AWFAllianceBernstein Global High Income Fund IncTime Not Supplied---
LNTAlliant Energy CorpAfter Market Close0.36--
ASPSAltisource Portfolio Solutions SATime Not Supplied0.61--
AMHAmerican Homes 4 RentAfter Market Close0.02--
APAApache Corp3:00AM EST0.22--
APLEApple Hospitality REIT IncAfter Market Close0.17--
AROCArchrock IncBefore Market Open-0.07--
APLPArchrock Partners LPBefore Market Open0.08--
AFCArsenal Holdings PLCTime Not Supplied---
AGOAssured Guaranty LtdAfter Market Close0.66--
ASFIAsta Funding IncBefore Market Open---
AAWWAtlas Air Worldwide Holdings IncBefore Market Open2.16--
BJRIBJ's Restaurants IncAfter Market Close0.32--
BEATBioTelemetry Inc11:00AM EST0.24--
ORPNBioblast Pharma LtdTime Not Supplied---
BMRNBiomarin Pharmaceutical IncAfter Market Close-0.23--
BLMNBloomin' Brands IncBefore Market Open0.39--
BRCBrady CorpBefore Market Open0.44--
BCOVBrightcove IncAfter Market Close-0.03--
BKDBrookdale Senior Living IncAfter Market Close-0.25--
CVICVR Energy IncBefore Market Open0.12--
UANCVR Partners LPBefore Market Open-0.16--
CVRRCVR Refining LPBefore Market Open0.2--
CCCCalgon Carbon CorpBefore Market Open0.15--
CNPCenterPoint Energy IncBefore Market Open0.3--
CENXCentury Aluminum CoAfter Market Close0.24--
GTLSChart Industries IncBefore Market Open0.31--
CHKChesapeake Energy CorpBefore Market Open0.24--
CCOICogent Communications Holdings Inc2:00AM EST0.12--
CSTMConstellium NVBefore Market Open0.1--
CBPXContinental Building Products IncAfter Market Close0.33--
CORTCorcept Therapeutics IncAfter Market Close0.18--
CVACovanta Holding CorpAfter Market Close0.21--
DFRGDel Frisco's Restaurant Group IncBefore Market Open0.43--
DNRDenbury Resources IncBefore Market Open0.07--
DHILDiamond Hill Investment Group IncTime Not Supplied---
DSXDiana Shipping IncBefore Market Open-0.15--
EMEEMCOR Group IncBefore Market Open0.86--
SATSEchoStar CorpBefore Market Open0.31--
EIXEdison InternationalTime Not Supplied0.92--
EBSEmergent BioSolutions IncAfter Market Close0.7--
ENVEnvestnet IncAfter Market Close0.39--
EVAEnviva Partners LPBefore Market Open0.31--
EFXEquifax IncAfter Market Close1.35--
ERIEErie Indemnity CoAfter Market Close0.76--
EXASExact Sciences CorpAfter Market Close-0.24--
FCNFTI Consulting IncBefore Market Open0.5--
FNGNFinancial Engines IncAfter Market Close0.37--
FSLRFirst Solar IncAfter Market Close-0.31--
ROCKGibraltar Industries Inc2:30AM EST0.34--
GSATGlobalstar IncAfter Market Close-0.02--
GDDYGoDaddy IncAfter Market Close0.09--
GOGOGogo IncBefore Market Open-0.48--
GSBDGoldman Sachs BDC IncAfter Market Close0.47--
GHCGraham Holdings CoBefore Market Open---
HEESH&E Equipment Services IncBefore Market Open0.41--
HPQHP IncAfter Market Close0.42--
HSCHarsco CorpBefore Market Open0.14--
HLFHerbalife LtdAfter Market Close0.96--
HTGCHercules Capital IncAfter Market Close0.29--
HPEHewlett Packard Enterprise CoAfter Market Close0.22--
HRLHormel Foods CorpBefore Market Open0.44--
HMHCHoughton Mifflin Harcourt CoBefore Market Open-0.9--
IDAIdacorp IncBefore Market Open0.67--
IMMRImmersion CorpAfter Market Close-0.18--
ITGRInteger Holdings CorpAfter Market Close0.79--
IDCCInterDigital IncBefore Market Open0.99--
INTUIntuit IncAfter Market Close0.34--
IRDMIridium Communications IncBefore Market Open0.1--
JAKKJAKKS Pacific IncBefore Market Open-0.14--
KWKennedy-Wilson Holdings IncAfter Market Close0.01--
LKQLKQ CorpBefore Market Open0.42--
LDOSLeidos Holdings IncBefore Market Open0.85--
TREELendingTree IncBefore Market Open0.9--
LXRXLexicon Pharmaceuticals IncBefore Market Open-0.41--
MDCAMDC Partners IncAfter Market Close0.2--
MGEEMGE Energy IncTime Not Supplied---
MAINMain Street Capital CorpAfter Market Close0.6--
MCSMarcus CorpBefore Market Open0.38--
MRINMarin Software IncAfter Market Close---
MELIMercadoLibre IncAfter Market Close0.51--
MVISMicroVision IncAfter Market Close-0.07--
MITLMitel Networks CorpBefore Market Open0.26--
NKSHNational Bankshares IncTime Not Supplied0.56--
NVRONevro CorpAfter Market Close-0.14--
NEMNewmont Mining CorpBefore Market Open0.38--
NDSNNordson CorpAfter Market Close1.34--
NOGNorthern Oil and Gas IncAfter Market Close0.09--
NCLHNorwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd2:00AM EST0.64--
NVCRNovocure LtdBefore Market Open-0.11--
OGEOGE Energy CorpBefore Market Open0.28--