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Aug 11, 2019 - Aug 17, 2019



Earnings on Wed, Aug 141-100 of 229 results

SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%)
TURN180 Degree Capital CorpAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
PIHPP1347 Property Insurance Holdings IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
STAFStaffing 360 Solutions IncTime Not Supplied-0.06-0.25-316.67
ATXIAvenue Therapeutics IncTime Not Supplied-0.48-0.43+10.42
LMFALM Funding America IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
IEAInfrastructure and Energy Alternatives IncTime Not Supplied0.02-0.61-3150
AFOMAll for One Media CorpTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ATRXAdhera Therapeutics IncTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ATEXAnterix IncTAS-0.64-0.63+1.56
LIFEaTyr Pharma IncTime Not Supplied-2.74-1.8+34.31
ACFNAcorn Energy IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
HOLIHollysys Automation Technologies LtdTAS0.420.42N/A
SKASSaker Aviation Services IncTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ARAAmerican Renal Associates Holdings IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
FUVArcimoto IncAfter Market Close-0.22-0.23-4.55
ESOAEnergy Services Of America CorpAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
AGEAgeX Therapeutics IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
ABMCAmerican Bio Medica CorpTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
HUSAHouston American Energy CorpTASN/AN/AN/A
SORLSorl Auto Parts IncBefore Market Open0.230.29+26.09
ACIUAC Immune SATAS-0.22-0.25-13.64
LEAILegacy Education Alliance IncTASN/AN/AN/A
DRNEDrone Aviation Holding CorpTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
AEYEAudioEye IncTAS-0.19-0.27-42.11
XAIRBeyond Air IncAfter Market Close-0.28-0.67-139.29
ARMPArmata Pharmaceuticals IncTAS-0.36-0.56-55.56
AAgilent Technologies IncTAS0.720.76+5.56
AMRHAmeri Holdings IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
UNAMUnico American CorpAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
ATAIATA IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
AEMDAethlon Medical IncTAS-0.08N/AN/A
ALYEAly Energy Services IncTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
AERGApplied Energetics IncTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ADYXAdynxx IncBefore Market OpenN/AN/AN/A
DGLYDigital Ally IncBefore Market Open0.25-0.3-220
AITApplied Industrial Technologies IncTAS1.161.2+3.45
RKDAArcadia Biosciences IncTAS-0.90.84+193.33
RKDAArcadia Biosciences IncAfter Market Close-0.90.84+193.33
RKDAArcadia Biosciences IncTAS-0.90.84+193.33
BDRBlonder Tongue Laboratories IncTASN/AN/AN/A
BDRBlonder Tongue Laboratories IncTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
BRTIBlackridge Technology International IncTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
OBCIOcean Bio-Chem IncBefore Market OpenN/AN/AN/A
RGRXRegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals IncTASN/AN/AN/A
BLINBridgeline Digital IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
BHTGBioHiTech Global IncAfter Market Close-0.05-0.15-200
CTRCCentric Brands IncAfter Market Close-0.7-1.35-92.86
BTNBallantyne Strong IncTASN/AN/AN/A
BTNBallantyne Strong IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
BASIBioanalytical Systems IncTASN/AN/AN/A
HTBXHeat Biologics IncTime Not Supplied-0.11-0.13-18.18
BRFHBarfresh Food Group IncBefore Market Open-0.01N/A+100
BRFHBarfresh Food Group IncTAS-0.01N/A+100
CBLICleveland Biolabs IncBefore Market OpenN/AN/AN/A
DAREDare Bioscience IncTAS-0.2-0.29-45
BLNKBlink Charging CoAfter Market Close-0.13-0.09+30.77
SLDBSolid Biosciences IncBefore Market Open-0.79-0.76+3.8
IVOBINVO Bioscience IncTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SGBXSG Blocks IncTime Not Supplied-0.17-0.16+5.88
DTILPrecision BioSciences IncTime Not Supplied-0.47-0.39+17.02
BKYIBIO-Key International IncTAS-0.05-0.1-100
STROSutro Biopharma IncTAS-0.68-0.6+11.76
LKLuckin Coffee IncBefore Market Open-0.43-0.48-11.63
VERBVerb Technology Company IncTASN/AN/AN/A
SMDMSinging Machine Company IncTASN/AN/AN/A
LFVNLifevantage CorpTAS0.170.26+52.94
CAPCCapstone Companies IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
WYYWidePoint CorpAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
PGRProgressive CorpBefore Market Open1.431.42-0.7
HRSTHarvest Oil & Gas CorpTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SIEBSiebert Financial CorpTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
QRHCQuest Resource Holding CorpTAS-0.01N/A+100
CTRAContura Energy IncBefore Market Open1.582.58+63.29
BURGChanticleer Holdings IncTAS-0.26-0.8-207.69
CVMCEL-SCI CorpAfter Market Close-0.1-0.37-270
NMTCNeuroone Medical Technologies CorpTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
LINCLincoln Educational Services CorpBefore Market Open-0.16-0.12+25
CODXCo-Diagnostics IncTime Not Supplied-0.05-0.08-60
AWSMCool Holdings IncAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
SRRKScholar Rock Holding CorpTAS-0.41-0.48-17.07
VASOVaso CorpAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
CXDCChina XD Plastics Company LtdBefore Market OpenN/AN/AN/A
CLSNCelsion CorpTime Not Supplied-0.32-0.29+9.38
ITCCInsPro Technologies CorpTASN/AN/AN/A
SNFCASecurity National Financial CorpTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
MEECMidwest Energy Emissions CorpTAS-0.01-0.04-300
CSCOCisco Systems IncTAS0.820.83+1.22
CHRACharah Solutions IncBefore Market Open-0.02-0.36-1700
ENSVEnservco CorpTAS-0.04-0.08-100
DLChina Distance Education Holdings LtdTASN/AN/AN/A
MFONMobivity Holdings CorpAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
CJJDChina Jo-Jo Drugstores IncBefore Market OpenN/AN/AN/A
YCBDcbdMD IncTAS-0.1-1.19-1090
YCBDcbdMD IncAfter Market Close-0.1-1.19-1090
LEGHLegacy Housing CorpTAS0.310.35+12.9
MSNEmerson Radio CorpTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CSSEChicken Soup for The Soul Entertainment IncAfter Market Close-0.17-0.2-17.65
CSSEChicken Soup for The Soul Entertainment IncTAS-0.17-0.2-17.65
DQDaqo New Energy CorpTAS-0.110.16+245.45