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Feb 04, 2018 - Feb 10, 2018



Earnings on Thu, Feb 081-100 of 156 results

SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%)
AMRKA-Mark Precious Metals IncAfter Market Close-0.04-0.0325
ATVIActivision Blizzard IncAfter Market Close0.930.941.08
WMSAdvanced Drainage Systems IncBefore Market Open0.20.2840
HIVEAerohive Networks IncAfter Market Close-0.01-
ALXNAlexion Pharmaceuticals IncBefore Market Open1.281.4815.62
AOIAlliance One International IncAfter Market Close---
ALNYAlnylam Pharmaceuticals IncBefore Market Open-1.39-1.48-6.47
AIGAmerican International Group IncAfter Market Close0.750.57-24
AIZAssurant IncAfter Market Close1.61.8415
AVNWAviat Networks IncAfter Market Close---
BECNBeacon Roofing Supply IncAfter Market Close0.540.6825.93
BWABorgWarner IncBefore Market Open1.011.075.94
BFAMBright Horizons Family Solutions IncAfter Market Close0.690.735.8
BRSBristow Group IncAfter Market Close-0.65-0.5220
BRBroadridge Financial Solutions IncBefore Market Open0.540.7946.3
BPYBrookfield Property Partners LPBefore Market Open---
BRKRBruker CorpAfter Market Close0.490.514.08
CALDCallidus Software IncAfter Market Close0.110.129.09
CBMCambrex CorpBefore Market Open1.121.2713.39
CAHCardinal Health IncBefore Market Open1.151.5131.3
CSLCarlisle Companies Inc11:00AM EST0.970.981.03
CBLCBL & Associates Properties IncAfter Market Close0.150.12-20
CBGCBRE Group Inc1:59AM EST0.930.996.45
CDRCedar Realty Trust IncAfter Market Close0.030.03-
CETVCentral European Media Enterprises LtdBefore Market Open0.290.1-65.52
CIVICivitas Solutions IncAfter Market Close0.160.2556.25
COLMColumbia Sportswear Co11:00AM EST1.151.3113.91
CPSIComputer Programs and Systems IncAfter Market Close0.460.6336.96
CTRLControl4 CorpAfter Market Close0.350.414.29
CORCoreSite Realty CorpBefore Market Open0.470.44-6.38
OFCCorporate Office Properties TrustAfter Market Close0.250.1-60
COTYCoty IncBefore Market Open0.230.3239.13
CSWICSW Industrials IncBefore Market Open0.290.3210.34
CVSCVS Health CorpBefore Market Open1.891.921.59
CYANCyanotech CorpBefore Market Open---
DRYSDryShips IncAfter Market Close---
EPCEdgewell Personal Care CoBefore Market Open0.580.2-65.52
ELLIEllie Mae IncAfter Market Close0.250.3332
EARNEllington Residential Mortgage REITAfter Market Close0.420.4-4.76
EMCIEMC Insurance Group IncBefore Market Open0.670.67-
ENSGEnsign Group IncTime Not Supplied0.40.4-
EXPEExpedia IncAfter Market Close1.150.84-26.96
FFGFBL Financial Group IncAfter Market Close1.050.99-5.71
FEYEFireEye IncAfter Market Close-0.010.01200
FAFFirst American Financial Corp1:45AM EST0.920.953.26
FLTFleetcor Technologies IncAfter Market Close2.332.423.86
FLDMFluidigm CorpAfter Market Close-0.39-0.2730.77
FTVFortive CorpAfter Market Close0.780.825.13
FETForum Energy Technologies IncAfter Market Close-0.03-0.04-33.33
GLPIGaming and Leisure Properties Inc2:00AM EST0.450.43-4.44
GWRGenesee & Wyoming IncBefore Market Open0.750.772.67
GLUUGlu Mobile IncAfter Market Close-0.03-0.23-666.67
GTGoodyear Tire & Rubber CoBefore Market Open0.760.9930.26
GPIGroup 1 Automotive IncBefore Market Open1.92.1111.05
GRUBGrubHub IncBefore Market Open0.310.3719.35
HBIHanesBrands IncBefore Market Open0.520.52-
HIGHartford Financial Services Group IncAfter Market Close0.770.815.19
HWKNHawkins IncAfter Market Close---
HNIHNI CorpAfter Market Close0.420.4711.9
HOLIHollysys Automation Technologies LtdAfter Market Close0.390.653.85
HOLXHologic IncAfter Market Close0.50.5510
HDPHortonworks IncAfter Market Close-0.24-0.24-
HRGHRG Group IncBefore Market Open---
HUBGHub Group IncAfter Market Close0.520.7442.31
IMPVImperva IncAfter Market Close0.270.448.15
IMKTAIngles Markets IncAfter Market Close---
INVAInnoviva IncAfter Market Close0.420.519.05
KKellogg CoBefore Market Open0.960.96-
KKRKKR & Co LPBefore Market Open0.520.48-7.69
KNLKnoll IncAfter Market Close0.420.36-14.29
LCIILCI IndustriesBefore Market Open1.161.23.45
MFNCMackinac Financial CorpTime Not Supplied---
MMYTMakeMyTrip LtdBefore Market Open-0.51-0.4511.76
MANUManchester United PLC2:00AM EST8.7711.9836.6
MTWManitowoc Company IncAfter Market Close-0.05-0.15-200
MASMasco Corp2:00AM EST0.440.44-
MMSMaximus Inc1:30AM EST0.740.8920.27
MCFTMCBC Holdings IncAfter Market Close0.330.4227.27
MPWMedical Properties Trust IncBefore Market Open0.240.19-20.83
MDSOMedidata Solutions IncBefore Market Open0.310.4132.26
MDMEDNAX IncBefore Market Open0.830.874.82
MLCOMelco Resorts & Entertainment LtdBefore Market Open0.240.17-29.17
MTDMettler-Toledo International IncAfter Market Close5.935.970.67
MBCNMiddlefield Banc CorpAfter Market Close0.80.9113.75
MOBLMobileIron IncAfter Market Close-0.03-100
MHKMohawk Industries IncAfter Market Close3.323.423.01
MPWRMonolithic Power Systems IncAfter Market Close0.80.822.5
NCRNCR CorpAfter Market Close0.870.925.75
UEPSNet 1 UEPS Technologies IncAfter Market Close0.380.392.63
NJRNew Jersey Resources CorpBefore Market Open0.591.55162.71
NYTNew York Times CoBefore Market Open0.290.3934.48
NRNewpark Resources IncAfter Market Close0.030.06100
NWSANews CorpAfter Market Close0.190.2426.32
NXEONexeo Solutions IncTime Not Supplied0.070.34385.71
NLSNNielsen Holdings PLCBefore Market Open0.740.23-68.92
NAONordic American Offshore LtdBefore Market Open-0.12-0.14-16.67
NUANNuance Communications IncAfter Market Close0.260.273.85
NSNuStar Energy LPBefore Market Open0.21--
NSHNuStar GP Holdings LLCBefore Market Open0.220.17-22.73
NVDANVIDIA CorpAfter Market Close1.171.5734.19