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Feb 11, 2018 - Feb 17, 2018



Earnings on Thu, Feb 151-100 of 136 results

SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%)
ACORAcorda Therapeutics IncBefore Market Open1.050.61-41.9
AEROAeroGrow International IncTime Not Supplied---
AIRGAirgain IncAfter Market Close0.050.1100
AANAaron's IncBefore Market Open0.550.6518.18
ALPNAlpine Immune Sciences IncTime Not Supplied-0.37-0.3310.81
SINOSino-Global Shipping America LtdTime Not Supplied---
ARESAres Management LPBefore Market Open0.480.5412.5
AMNAMN Healthcare Services IncAfter Market Close0.640.63-1.56
BBWBuild-A-Bear Workshop IncBefore Market Open0.340.4326.47
AXDXAccelerate Diagnostics Inc11:30AM EST-0.33-0.2718.18
HTAHealthcare Trust Of America IncAfter Market Close0.080.2150
ANDXAndeavor Logistics LPAfter Market Close0.760.53-30.26
NAIINatural Alternatives International IncTime Not Supplied---
ANDVAndeavorAfter Market Close1.121.163.57
AVPAvon Products IncBefore Market Open0.070.1271.43
AMFEAmfil Technologies IncTime Not Supplied---
ANETArista Networks IncAfter Market Close1.411.7121.28
MDRXAllscripts Healthcare Solutions IncAfter Market Close0.180.18-
ALEALLETE IncBefore Market Open0.730.786.85
AMBRAmber Road Inc12:00PM EST-0.05-100
RSReliance Steel & Aluminum Co1:50AM EST11.2222
BWINBBaldwin & Lyons Inc6:00AM EST0.150.2886.67
BLBlackline IncAfter Market Close-0.03-
BONLBonal International IncTime Not Supplied---
BASIBioanalytical Systems IncBefore Market Open---
CBBCincinnati Bell IncBefore Market Open0.06-0.18-400
IIBKIdaho Independent BankTime Not Supplied---
WAYNWayne Savings Bancshares IncAfter Market Close---
GRRBGrandsouth BancorpTime Not Supplied---
LUVULuvu Brands IncAfter Market Close---
BCORBlucora IncBefore Market Open-0.25-0.1252
NTBBank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Ltd5:00AM EST0.770.72-6.49
GNCAGenocea Biosciences IncTime Not Supplied-0.42-0.3711.9
FLSFlowserve CorpAfter Market Close0.510.5-1.96
TLRSTimberline Resources CorpTime Not Supplied---
CRAICRA International IncBefore Market Open0.370.789.19
CLRContinental Resources IncAfter Market Close0.320.4128.12
CCECoca-Cola European Partners PLCBefore Market Open0.570.65.26
SMDMSinging Machine Company IncBefore Market Open---
GVAGranite Construction IncBefore Market Open0.650.8124.62
WATTEnergous Corp11:30AM EST-0.58-0.513.79
HLHecla Mining Co5:00AM EST0.030.0433.33
COWNCowen IncBefore Market Open0.09-0.3-433.33
CUBECubeSmartAfter Market Close0.20.2210
SONSonoco Products CoTime Not Supplied0.730.72-1.37
SNBRSleep Number CorpAfter Market Close0.190.3373.68
CXPColumbia Property Trust IncAfter Market Close-0.03-0.0166.67
MTRNMaterion Corp4:00AM EST0.380.5134.21
DDRDDR CorpAfter Market Close0.05-1.24-2580
CGNXCognex CorpAfter Market Close0.250.3228
SPXCSPX CorpAfter Market Close0.610.6-1.64
CBSCBS CorpAfter Market Close1.141.25.26
CLDCloud Peak Energy IncAfter Market Close-0.03-0.16-433.33
EQTEQT CorpBefore Market Open0.240.76216.67
CHSPChesapeake Lodging TrustAfter Market Close0.280.3628.57
CYBRCyberark Software LtdBefore Market Open0.360.4113.89
COHUCohu Inc11:00AM EST0.310.28-9.68
COMMCommScope Holding Company IncBefore Market Open0.470.47-
POOLPool CorpBefore Market Open0.170.3394.12
CNXNPC Connection IncAfter Market Close0.530.541.89
INCYIncyte Corp2:00AM EST-0.45-0.71-57.78
USFDUS Foods Holding CorpBefore Market Open0.430.442.33
PEYEPrecision Optics Corporation IncAfter Market Close---
CBZCBIZ IncBefore Market Open0.010.04300
FMCCFederal Home Loan Mortgage CorpBefore Market Open0.660.7716.67
CSVCarriage Services Inc5:30AM EST0.40.39-2.5
TRGPTarga Resources CorpBefore Market Open0.01-0.08-900
CYTKCytokinetics Inc11:00AM EST-0.7-0.75-7.14
EDConsolidated Edison IncAfter Market Close0.770.83.9
SSNCSS&C Technologies Holdings IncAfter Market Close0.530.541.89
CHMGChemung Financial CorpAfter Market Close0.770.69-10.39
CLIRClearSign Combustion CorpAfter Market Close---
KIMKimco Realty CorpBefore Market Open0.150.1713.33
CRAYCray IncAfter Market Close0.20.2210
DLNGDynagas LNG Partners LPAfter Market Close0.190.16-15.79
DOVADova Pharmaceuticals IncTime Not Supplied-0.36-0.36-
DMPIDelMar Pharmaceuticals IncBefore Market Open-0.15-0.146.67
DLRDigital Realty Trust IncAfter Market Close0.420.26-38.1
ECOLUS Ecology IncAfter Market Close0.620.7317.74
EQMEQT Midstream Partners LPBefore Market Open1.491.28-14.09
GELGenesis Energy LPBefore Market Open0.350.08-77.14
SEPSpectra Energy Partners LPAfter Market Close0.840.82-2.38
NUSNU Skin Enterprises IncAfter Market Close1.191.20.84
PBFPBF Energy IncBefore Market Open0.25-0.04-116
SEPSpectra Energy Partners LPAfter Market Close0.83--
EEPEnbridge Energy Partners LPAfter Market Close0.210.2623.81
WREWashington Real Estate Investment TrustAfter Market Close0.090.07-22.22
WGPWestern Gas Equity Partners LPAfter Market Close0.40.4512.5
FORDForward Industries IncTime Not Supplied---
MFAMFA Financial IncBefore Market Open0.180.2433.33
THSTreeHouse Foods IncBefore Market Open0.931.029.68
GLOBGlobant SA11:30AM EST0.380.392.63
WESWestern Gas Partners LPAfter Market Close0.460.39-15.22
OMCOmnicom Group IncBefore Market Open1.541.550.65
TRCKTrack Group IncAfter Market Close---
GPNGlobal Payments IncBefore Market Open1.061.070.94
TGHTextainer Group Holdings Ltd4:00AM EST0.190.2636.84
SLNMSalon Media Group IncAfter Market Close---
MRCMRC Global IncAfter Market Close0.04-0.02-150
NAVGNavigators Group IncAfter Market Close0.540.8150