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May 13, 2018 - May 19, 2018



Earnings on Mon, May 141-74 of 74 results

SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%)
ABEOAbeona Therapeutics Inc6:00AM EST-0.19-0.185.26
AGROAdecoagro SA12:50PM EST0.160.06-62.5
AAgilent Technologies Inc12:05PM EST0.640.651.56
AMRAlta Mesa Resources IncBefore Market Open0.08-0.03-137.5
ALTRAltair Engineering IncAfter Market Close0.030.08166.67
AMRSAmyris IncAfter Market Close-0.48-1.79-272.92
ATNXAthenex IncTime Not Supplied-0.07--
AYAtlantica Yield PLC12:15PM EST0.02-0.05-350
ATOSAtossa Genetics IncAfter Market Close-0.86-0.7117.44
LIFEaTyr Pharma IncTime Not Supplied---
AVNWAviat Networks Inc12:13PM EST---
AVGRAvinger Inc12:30PM EST-0.84-5.37-539.29
BOMNBoston Omaha CorpAfter Market Close---
BCLIBrainstorm Cell Therapuetics IncBefore Market Open-0.32--
ABCDCambium Learning Group Inc5:00AM EST0.050.05-
CDTICDTi Advanced Materials IncAfter Market Close-0.08--
KOOLCesca Therapeutics IncAfter Market Close---
BURGChanticleer Holdings IncAfter Market Close---
HTHTChina Lodging Group Ltd1:00PM EST0.620.57-8.06
CORICorium International Inc1:00PM EST-0.39-0.5-28.21
CTIBCTI Industries Corp6:00AM EST---
CYCCCyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc12:30PM EST-0.13-0.127.69
DRNADicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc12:05PM EST-0.38-0.321.05
DYSLDynasil Corporation of America1:00PM EST---
ESESEco-Stim Energy Solutions IncBefore Market Open-0.07-0.17-142.86
EVFMEvofem Biosciences IncBefore Market Open-0.41-0.79-92.68
DAVEFamous Dave's of America Inc12:00PM EST0.070.1385.71
FPHFive Point Holdings LLC1:00PM EST-0.11--
FPAYFlexShopper IncAfter Market Close---
ENTGlobal Eagle Entertainment Inc10:10PM EST-0.39-0.42-7.69
GWGHGWG Holdings Inc12:30PM EST-0.64-2.22-246.87
HQCLHanwha Q Cells Co LtdBefore Market Open0.140.37164.29
HOLIHollysys Automation Technologies Ltd1:00PM EST0.440.36-18.18
ICADICAD Inc12:30PM EST-0.12-0.19-58.33
ICCCImmuCell Corp12:30PM EST---
IDNIntellicheck Inc12:30PM EST-0.07-0.07-
INVHInvitation Homes IncAfter Market Close0.03-0.03-200
ITRIItron Inc12:05PM EST0.130.13-
LPTHLightPath Technologies Inc12:30PM EST0.020.04100
LIVELive Ventures Inc1:00PM EST---
LONELonestar Resources US Inc6:00AM EST-0.14-0.137.14
MIMEMimecast LtdAfter Market Close-0.01-0.05-400
MTEMMolecular Templates Inc12:30PM EST-0.25-0.32-28
NTWKNetSol Technologies Inc3:30AM EST---
NINENine Energy Service IncBefore Market Open0.090.28211.11
NSYSNortech Systems Inc7:00AM EST---
OHAIOHA Investment Corp1:01PM EST---
OPTNOptiNose IncBefore Market Open-0.74-0.81-9.46
KIDSOrthopediatrics CorpAfter Market Close-0.3-0.41-36.67
FENGPhoenix New Media Ltd1:00PM EST-0.12-0.118.33
PPSIPioneer Power Solutions Inc12:30PM EST0.020.01-50
POLAPolar Power IncTime Not Supplied-0.01-0.03-200
PRPHProphase Labs IncTime Not Supplied---
RDIReading International IncTime Not Supplied0.110.1318.18
RGSEReal Goods Solar Inc12:30PM EST---
REEDReed's Inc12:30PM EST-0.05-0.06-20
MARKRemark Holdings Inc4:30AM EST-0.35-0.43-22.86
REFRResearch Frontiers IncAfter Market Close---
RSLSReShape Lifesciences Inc12:30PM EST-0.25-0.36-44
HAIRRestoration Robotics IncAfter Market Close-0.17-0.26-52.94
RXNRexnord Corp1:22PM EST0.390.427.69
ROSERosehill Resources IncTime Not Supplied0.08-0.22-375
SNMPSanchez Midstream Partners LPBefore Market Open-0.37--
SITOSito Mobile Ltd12:30PM EST-0.09-0.22-144.44
SPCBSupercom LtdBefore Market Open---
SWCHSwitch IncAfter Market Close0.050.02-60
TDWTidewater IncAfter Market Close-0.55-0.76-38.18
VRMLVermillion Inc12:30PM EST-0.04-0.05-25
VIIVicon Industries IncAfter Market Close---
VIPSVipshop Holdings Ltd12:05PM EST0.180.17-5.56
WLBWestmoreland Coal CoBefore Market Open-1.98--
WWRWestwater Resources Inc9:00AM EST---
WYYWidePoint Corp12:30PM EST--0.01-
XELBXcel Brands Inc1:30PM EST0.060.0833.33