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May 13, 2018 - May 19, 2018



Earnings on Tue, May 151-100 of 176 results

SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%)
TPNL3Pea International IncTime Not Supplied---
NAONordic American Offshore Ltd7:26AM EST-0.13-0.15-15.38
ARPOAerpio Pharmaceuticals IncBefore Market Open-0.23-0.27-17.39
ARDMAradigm CorpBefore Market Open-0.42-0.3223.81
ALDXAldeyra Therapeutics IncBefore Market Open-0.39-0.43-10.26
ARLAmerican Realty Investors IncTime Not Supplied---
AMEHApollo Medical Holdings IncTime Not Supplied---
CVUCPI Aerostructures Inc8:30AM EST0.10.1440
SKASSaker Aviation Services IncTime Not Supplied---
AIRIAir Industries GroupAfter Market Close-0.02-0.05-150
AETIAmerican Electric Technologies Inc11:00AM EST---
SORLSorl Auto Parts IncBefore Market Open0.190.43126.32
AFMDAffimed NV8:30AM EST-0.16-0.17-6.25
MYNDMYnd Analytics IncTime Not Supplied-0.29-0.61-110.34
EESEEnergy and Environmental Services IncTime Not Supplied---
EARSAuris Medical Holding AG8:00AM EST---
AEYADDvantage Technologies Group Inc12:00PM EST---
AEYEAudioEye IncTime Not Supplied---
AZZAZZ Inc6:15AM EST0.480.15-68.75
ALTAltimmune IncBefore Market Open-15-7.550
ARKRArk Restaurants Corp10:00AM EST---
AMIDAmerican Midstream Partners LP6:45AM EST-0.16-0.42-162.5
NBEVNew Age Beverages CorpAfter Market Close-0.04-0.07-75
AMRHAmeri Holdings IncAfter Market Close---
DGLYDigital Ally Inc11:15AM EST-0.3-0.58-93.33
ANTHAnthera Pharmaceuticals IncTime Not Supplied-0.55-0.57-3.64
BOOTBoot Barn Holdings Inc4:30PM EST0.160.2450
BLINBridgeline Digital Inc4:30PM EST---
BIOCBiocept IncAfter Market Close-2.55-3.3-29.41
BOXLBOXLIGHT CorpAfter Market Close---
YEWBYew Bio-Pharm Group IncTime Not Supplied---
BASIBioanalytical Systems IncBefore Market Open---
BRQSBorqs Technologies IncTime Not Supplied0.060.04-33.33
HTBXHeat Biologics IncTime Not Supplied-0.7-0.3845.71
CIBNCommunity Investors Bancorp IncTime Not Supplied---
BRFHBarfresh Food Group IncBefore Market Open-0.02-0.02-
MTBCMedical Transcription Billing Corp8:30AM EST-0.09-0.0633.33
TOFBTofutti Brands IncTime Not Supplied---
KWBTKiwa Bio-Tech Products Group CorpBefore Market Open---
BDMSBirner Dental Management Services Inc11:00AM EST---
BKYIBIO-Key International IncBefore Market Open-0.2-0.24-20
TOFTofutti Brands IncTime Not Supplied---
BSQRBsquare Corp5:00PM EST---
VRTUVirtusa Corp6:30AM EST0.550.55-
CWBRCohBar IncTime Not Supplied---
CVLBConversion Labs IncTime Not Supplied---
DYNTDynatronics Corp8:30AM EST-0.21-0.1814.29
CGIXCancer Genetics Inc8:30AM EST-0.13-0.16-23.08
CREXCreative Realities IncTime Not Supplied---
VOXXVOXX International Corp10:00AM EST0.140.37164.29
CCTCorporate Capital Trust Inc9:30AM EST0.420.39-7.14
LRADLRAD CorpAfter Market Close0.020.01-50
SARSaratoga Investment Corp10:00AM EST0.530.8967.92
CVSICV Sciences IncTime Not Supplied---
QRHCQuest Resource Holding CorpBefore Market Open-0.09-0.09-
CMLSCumulus Media IncTime Not Supplied---
CUOContinental Materials CorpTime Not Supplied---
MFINMedallion Financial Corp8:30AM EST0.08-0.62-875
NHLDNational Holdings CorpBefore Market Open---
HLYKHealthlynked CorpTime Not Supplied---
MNGAMagneGas CorpBefore Market Open-0.3-0.62-106.67
GDPGoodrich Petroleum Corp11:00AM EST-0.01-0.39-3800
REXXQRex Energy CorpTime Not Supplied-0.49-1.34-173.47
CLMTCalumet Specialty Products Partners LP4:41PM EST-0.43-0.0686.05
GBRNew Concept Energy IncTime Not Supplied---
DRIODarioHealth CorpBefore Market Open-0.19-0.2-5.26
SNFCASecurity National Financial CorpTime Not Supplied---
NFECNF Energy Saving CorpTime Not Supplied---
CCPTCole Credit Property Trust IV IncTime Not Supplied---
CASICASI Pharmaceuticals IncBefore Market Open-0.07-0.0528.57
CRMDCorMedix IncBefore Market Open-0.1-0.14-40
GAINGladstone Investment Corp4:10PM EST0.190.2110.53
SSCSeven Stars Cloud Group IncBefore Market Open---
CATSCatasys IncTime Not Supplied-0.19-0.27-42.11
NETSNetshoes (CAYMAN) Ltd8:30AM EST-0.26-0.52-100
TRKKOrbital Tracking CorpTime Not Supplied---
OCXOncoCyte CorpTime Not Supplied-0.12-0.12-
FSNNFusion Connect IncBefore Market Open-0.16-0.16-
CNRDConrad Industries IncAfter Market Close---
MKRSMikros Systems CorpAfter Market Close---
ZSANZosano Pharma CorpAfter Market Close-4.8-3.820.83
PFHOPacific Health Care Organization IncTime Not Supplied---
SACHSachem Capital CorpTime Not Supplied---
RXMDProgressive Care IncAfter Market Close---
ITKHIteknik Holding CorpTime Not Supplied---
CVVCVD Equipment CorpAfter Market Close---
SWKHSWK Holdings CorpTime Not Supplied---
GECGreat Elm Capital Group IncAfter Market Close0.28-0.17-160.71
HDHome Depot Inc6:00AM EST2.052.081.46
PYDSPayment Data Systems Inc5:00PM EST-0.12-0.0925
DPDWDeep Down IncAfter Market Close-0.04-0.06-50
IDXGInterpace Diagnostics Group Inc8:30AM EST-0.08-0.11-37.5
DSSDocument Security Systems IncTime Not Supplied---
DCARDropcar IncAfter Market Close---
IPICiPic Entertainment IncTime Not Supplied-0.99-0.972.02
SEIISharing Economy International IncTime Not Supplied---
NETENet Element Inc8:30AM EST---
EVOLEvolving Systems Inc4:30PM EST---
ESNCEnSync Inc4:30PM EST-0.06-0.0516.67
XCOEXCO Resources IncTime Not Supplied---