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Earnings on Fri, Oct 261-100 of 154 results

SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%)
SRMGFSpareBank 1 SMNTime Not Supplied2.132.32+8.92
PSXPhillips 66Time Not Supplied2.483.1+25.1
PSXPPhillips 66 Partners LPTime Not Supplied0.921.1+19.57
CTTRFControladora Vuela Compania de Aviacion, S.A.B. de C.V.Time Not Supplied0.06-0.12-300
SSAAFSSAB AB (publ)Time Not Supplied1.180.85-27.84
SBSNFSchibsted ASATime Not Supplied1.521.74+14.25
JPAVFJapan Aviation Electronics Industry, LimitedTime Not Supplied35.439.96+12.9
FGRRFFingerprint Cards AB (publ)Time Not Supplied-0.180.01+105.56
ELUXFAB Electrolux (publ)Time Not Supplied4.384.01-8.45
SWMAFSwedish Match AB (publ)Time Not Supplied5.435.55+2.15
CSRFFCaisse Regionale de Credit Agricole Mutuel Nord de France Societe cooperativeTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
NSKFFKongsberg Gruppen ASATime Not Supplied1.371.12-18
DSDVFDSV Panalpina A/STime Not Supplied6.066.1+0.63
ELUXYAB Electrolux (publ)Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
VLRSControladora Vuela Compania de Aviacion, S.A.B. de C.V.Time Not Supplied0.03-0.06-330.77
BNHUFBonheur ASATime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
LGYRFLandis+Gyr Group AGTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ADYXAdynxx, Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ALVAutoliv, Inc.Time Not Supplied1.681.35-19.59
WHTCFWashTec AGTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
PCRBFPricer AB (publ)Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
THLPFThule Group AB (publ)Time Not Supplied1.981.82-8.17
SWMAYSwedish Match AB (publ)Time Not Supplied5.435.55+2.15
TSSCFTurkiye Sise Ve Cam Fabrikalari A.S.Time Not Supplied0.260.44+70.38
HLSPFHeliospectra AB (publ)Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
XMMRFXMReality AB (publ)Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
XVIPFXvivo Perfusion AB (publ)Time Not Supplied0.14N/A-100
AMDUFAmundi Societe AnonymeTime Not Supplied1.011.04+3.17
SCTBFSecuritas ABTime Not Supplied2.583.03+17.26
MVRBFMedivir AB (publ)Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
TOEAFToei Animation Co.,Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/A51.26N/A
ALLGFAlligator Bioscience AB (publ)Time Not Supplied-0.7-0.56+20
AONAon PlcTime Not Supplied1.221.3+6.56
CLOEFCloetta AB (publ)Time Not Supplied0.470.53+12.05
BABWFInternational Consolidated Airlines Group, S.A.Time Not Supplied0.5N/AN/A
CMHFFCompania Minera Autlan, S.A.B. de C.V.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
PTABFPT Astra Agro Lestari TbkTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
BNDSFBanco de Sabadell, S.A.Time Not Supplied0.030.03N/A
RBSThe Royal Bank of Scotland Group plcTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
BKFCFBank of Communications Co., Ltd.Time Not Supplied0.220.23+4.55
ESXBCommunity Bankers Trust CorporationTime Not Supplied0.160.17+4.94
MNSBMainStreet Bancshares, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.330.35+6.06
BCCLFBecle, S.A.B. de C.V.Time Not Supplied0.280.11-60.85
SALSalisbury Bancorp, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.770.86+11.69
IBNICICI Bank LimitedTime Not Supplied0.04N/AN/A
UBOPFUnion Bank of the PhilippinesTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
BBarnes Group Inc.Time Not Supplied0.810.78-3.7
DCOMDime Community Bancshares, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.340.32-4.48
HBPCFHelix BioPharma Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
RBSPFThe Royal Bank of Scotland Group plcTime Not Supplied7.959.4+18.24
SBSISouthside Bancshares, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.610.58-4.13
HACBFThe Hachijuni Bank, Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/A7.89N/A
CZWICitizens Community Bancorp, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.180.1-42.86
ZBHZimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc.Time Not Supplied1.611.63+1.56
BWSODThreeD Capital Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
HRVOFHarvest One Cannabis Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
FMXFomento Economico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V.Time Not Supplied0.920.69-24.67
XJNGFXinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd.Time Not Supplied0.330.23-28
PIPRPiper Sandler CompaniesTime Not Supplied1.511.86+23.18
GRCThe Gorman-Rupp CompanyTime Not Supplied0.360.45+25
RICOYRicoh Company, Ltd.Time Not Supplied0.180.33+83.89
CHTRCharter Communications, Inc.Time Not Supplied1.042.11+103.67
PGCPeapack-Gladstone Financial CorporationTime Not Supplied0.590.56-5.72
FELEFranklin Electric Co., Inc.Time Not Supplied0.670.64-4.76
ORXCFORIX CorporationTime Not Supplied63.4558.67-7.54
IXORIX CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CHUEFChubu Electric Power Company, IncorporatedTime Not Supplied-0.3650.79+14208.33
CLColgate-Palmolive CompanyTime Not Supplied0.720.72-0.41
KOTMFKoito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Time Not Supplied108.56108.41-0.14
UMTAFGenertec Universal Medical Group Company LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
WYWeyerhaeuser CompanyTime Not Supplied0.370.28-24.93
SBBSFSabana Shari'ah Compliant Industrial Real Estate Investment TrustTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
PKNOFProteak Uno, S.A.B. de C.V.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
GTThe Goodyear Tire & Rubber CompanyTime Not Supplied0.750.68-9.21
HEXOHEXO Corp.Time Not Supplied-0.02-0.05-194.12
CFFNCapitol Federal Financial, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.180.16-11.11
PORPortland General Electric CompanyTime Not Supplied0.490.59+20.16
GVAGranite Construction IncorporatedTime Not Supplied1.311.17-10.89
MCOMoody's CorporationTime Not Supplied1.781.69-4.95
FMXUFFomento Economico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V.Time Not Supplied1.851.31-29.27
PCCOFPaltac CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
COMSComSovereign Holding Corp.Time Not Supplied-0.24-0.13+45.83
CIXPFCaixaBank, S.A.Time Not SuppliedN/A0.08N/A
CYJBFCargotec CorporationTime Not Supplied0.650.62-4.76
MIOFFMilbon Co., Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/A36.27N/A
KAEPFThe Kansai Electric Power Company, IncorporatedTime Not Supplied60.5151.56-14.78
SHECFShin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.Time Not Supplied178.29199.47+11.88
COGCabot Oil & Gas CorporationTime Not Supplied0.280.25-10.71
RICOFRicoh Company, Ltd.Time Not Supplied23.9136.92+54.41
GUOHFGrupo Radio Centro, S.A.B. de C.V.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
GBXThe Greenbrier Companies, Inc.Time Not Supplied1.030.8-22.63
MXCYYMetso CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
USNZYUsinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais S.A.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
WDPSFWarehouses De Pauw NVTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SOSCFDeoleo, S.A.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
RDYDr. Reddy's Laboratories LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
GRFFFFibra DanhosTime Not Supplied0.620.43-30.65