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Apr 21, 2019 - Apr 27, 2019



Earnings on Tue, Apr 231-100 of 146 results

SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%)
ABGAsbury Automotive Group IncBefore Market Open1.92N/AN/A
AXTAAxalta Coating Systems LtdBefore Market Open0.22N/AN/A
MANHManhattan Associates IncAfter Market Close0.34N/AN/A
AMTDTD Ameritrade Holding CorpAfter Market Close0.92N/AN/A
ARCHArch Coal IncTAS2.43N/AN/A
ALGTAllegiant Travel CoTime Not Supplied3.87N/AN/A
ABCBAmeris BancorpBefore Market Open0.93N/AN/A
KALUKaiser Aluminum CorpAfter Market Close1.79N/AN/A
ARAYAccuray IncAfter Market Close-0.04N/AN/A
JBLUJetBlue Airways CorpBefore Market Open0.12N/AN/A
ARRARMOUR Residential REIT IncTime Not Supplied0.61N/AN/A
GLPIGaming and Leisure Properties IncTAS0.5N/AN/A
AXEAnixter International IncBefore Market Open1.17N/AN/A
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices IncTime Not Supplied0.05N/AN/A
AMGPAntero Midstream GP LPAfter Market Close0.22N/AN/A
AMAntero Midstream Partners LPAfter Market Close0.26N/AN/A
AMAntero Midstream CorpAfter Market Close0.26N/AN/A
ATNIATN International IncAfter Market Close-0.16N/AN/A
ATIAllegheny Technologies IncBefore Market Open0.16N/AN/A
SAMBoston Beer Company IncTime Not Supplied1.01N/AN/A
BDGEBridge Bancorp IncAfter Market Close0.65N/AN/A
LOBLive Oak Bancshares IncAfter Market Close0.01N/AN/A
UCBIUnited Community Banks IncAfter Market Close0.54N/AN/A
LBAILakeland Bancorp IncBefore Market Open0.3N/AN/A
BXMTBlackstone Mortgage Trust IncAfter Market Close0.67N/AN/A
TOWNTowne BankBefore Market Open0.48N/AN/A
BHEBenchmark Electronics IncTime Not Supplied0.33N/AN/A
PEBOPeoples Bancorp IncBefore Market Open0.7N/AN/A
WRBW. R. Berkley CorpAfter Market Close0.66N/AN/A
BEATBioTelemetry IncTAS0.41N/AN/A
FBCFlagstar Bancorp IncBefore Market Open0.62N/AN/A
BWFGBankwell Financial Group IncAfter Market Close0.56N/AN/A
SYBTStock Yards Bancorp IncBefore Market Open0.59N/AN/A
PPBIPacific Premier Bancorp IncBefore Market Open0.61N/AN/A
BANCBanc of California IncBefore Market Open0.25N/AN/A
NBHCNational Bank Holdings CorpAfter Market Close0.51N/AN/A
FITBFifth Third BancorpBefore Market Open0.58N/AN/A
BEDUBright Scholar Education Holdings LtdTAS0.03N/AN/A
ESSAESSA Bancorp IncTime Not Supplied0.25N/AN/A
FCNCAFirst Citizens BancShares IncBefore Market OpenN/AN/AN/A
EQBKEquity Bancshares IncTAS0.65N/AN/A
CSFLCenterstate Bank CorpAfter Market Close0.52N/AN/A
NFBKNorthfield Bancorp IncAfter Market Close0.19N/AN/A
MCBMetropolitan Bank Holding CorpBefore Market Open0.75N/AN/A
MLVFMalvern Bancorp IncBefore Market Open0.36N/AN/A
FMBHFirst Mid-Illinois Bancshares IncAfter Market Close0.72N/AN/A
FMBIFirst Midwest Bancorp IncAfter Market Close0.45N/AN/A
SYKStryker CorpTAS1.84N/AN/A
HXLHexcel CorpAfter Market Close0.78N/AN/A
SXTSensient Technologies CorpBefore Market Open0.77N/AN/A
CNCCentene CorpBefore Market Open1.34N/AN/A
SIXSix Flags Entertainment CorpAfter Market Close-0.86N/AN/A
CYOUChangyou.Com LtdBefore Market Open0.51N/AN/A
FELEFranklin Electric Co IncTAS0.4N/AN/A
SEICSEI Investments CoTime Not Supplied0.75N/AN/A
SHWSherwin-Williams CoBefore Market Open3.69N/AN/A
FFHLFuwei Films Holdings Co LtdAfter Market CloseN/AN/AN/A
STTState Street CorpBefore Market Open1.19N/AN/A
IRDMIridium Communications IncBefore Market Open-0.22N/AN/A
RNSTRenasant CorpAfter Market Close0.77N/AN/A
UMBFUMB Financial CorpBefore Market Open1.1N/AN/A
MTGMGIC Investment CorpBefore Market Open0.39N/AN/A
SITCSite Centers CorpAfter Market Close0.03N/AN/A
ORITOritani Financial CorpBefore Market Open0.29N/AN/A
PGProcter & Gamble CoBefore Market Open1.03N/AN/A
GPKGraphic Packaging Holding CoBefore Market Open0.18N/AN/A
NUENucor CorpBefore Market Open1.5N/AN/A
CHFCChemical Financial CorpAfter Market Close0.99N/AN/A
FBKFB Financial CorpTAS0.59N/AN/A
KOCoca-Cola CoBefore Market Open0.46N/AN/A
CNOCNO Financial Group IncTime Not Supplied0.44N/AN/A
NTRSNorthern Trust CorpBefore Market Open1.47N/AN/A
FCPTFour Corners Property Trust IncAfter Market Close0.26N/AN/A
MLPMaui Land & Pineapple Company IncBefore Market OpenN/AN/AN/A
CPFCentral Pacific Financial CorpBefore Market Open0.5N/AN/A
MDCOMedicines CoBefore Market Open-0.62N/AN/A
NWENorthWestern CorpAfter Market Close1.18N/AN/A
JOESt. Joe CoBefore Market OpenN/AN/AN/A
WATWaters CorpBefore Market Open1.72N/AN/A
NAVINavient CorpAfter Market Close0.44N/AN/A
CTXSCitrix Systems IncTime Not Supplied1.17N/AN/A
UTXUnited Technologies CorpBefore Market Open1.71N/AN/A
LMTLockheed Martin CorpBefore Market Open4.34N/AN/A
SGBSouthwest Georgia Financial CorpTASN/AN/AN/A
CSLCarlisle Companies IncAfter Market Close1.1N/AN/A
SCIService Corporation InternationalTime Not Supplied0.41N/AN/A
SCCOSouthern Copper CorpAfter Market Close0.52N/AN/A
CSGPCoStar Group IncAfter Market Close2.44N/AN/A
IRBTiRobot CorpAfter Market Close0.59N/AN/A
EWEdwards Lifesciences CorpAfter Market Close1.22N/AN/A
VZVerizon Communications IncBefore Market Open1.17N/AN/A
SNVSynovus Financial CorpBefore Market Open0.89N/AN/A
USGUSG CorpBefore Market Open0.28N/AN/A
GTGoodyear Tire & Rubber CoBefore Market Open0.06N/AN/A
TRMKTrustmark CorpAfter Market Close0.52N/AN/A
FCFFirst Commonwealth Financial CorpBefore Market Open0.26N/AN/A
MTHMeritage Homes CorpAfter Market Close0.64N/AN/A
FNBF.N.B. CorpBefore Market Open0.27N/AN/A