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May 26, 2019 - Jun 01, 2019



Earnings on Tue, May 281-87 of 87 results

SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%) Inc.Time Not Supplied0.310.43+38.71
BAHBooz Allen Hamilton Holding CorporationTime Not Supplied0.630.64+2.4
ACFFFAccordia Golf TrustTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
AMWDAmerican Woodmark CorporationTime Not Supplied1.891.87-0.95
AXXTFAxiata Group BerhadTime Not Supplied0.020.03+8.7
SEIGFSemperit Aktiengesellschaft HoldingTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
TFECFThin Film Electronics ASATime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
MAASFMatas A/STime Not Supplied0.861.84+115.2
VLPNFVoestalpine AGTime Not Supplied0.840.81-3.81
SLOFFSolstad Offshore ASATime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
AMMHFAMMB Holdings BerhadTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
AFHFFAFH Financial Group PlcTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
KMGLFAsiamet Resources LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
PLANAnaplan, Inc.Time Not Supplied-0.2-0.16+21.57
XEBEFXebec Adsorption Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
LSANFLos Andes Copper Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
LBGUFL E Lundbergforetagen AB (publ)Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SASDFSAS AB (publ)Time Not Supplied-2.09-2.43-16.27
HLFBFHong Leong Financial Group BerhadTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SB-PDSafe Bulkers, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.010.03+114.29
IDYAIDEAYA Biosciences, Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
MCPNFMMC Corporation BerhadTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
PNAGFPETRONAS Gas BerhadTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SBSafe Bulkers, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.010.03+114.29
BNSThe Bank of Nova ScotiaTime Not Supplied1.751.7-2.63
TNABFTenaga Nasional BerhadTime Not Supplied0.330.25-24.46
IDGBFIndigo Books & Music Inc.Time Not Supplied0.14-0.86-714.29
PNADFPETRONAS Dagangan BerhadTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CMCOColumbus McKinnon CorporationTime Not Supplied0.610.69+13.49
CVALFCovalon Technologies Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
PRCXFGreen Cross Health LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
HEIHEICO CorporationTime Not Supplied0.490.6+22.2
GBLEFGlobal Energy Metals CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
FEOVFOceanic Iron Ore Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
LMGDFLumina Gold Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CELCellcom Israel Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
STSBFSouth Star Mining Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
TWMCTrans World Entertainment CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SOTKSono-Tek CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
MOHCFMotor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries S.A.Time Not Supplied0.460.96+110.53
TCNNFTrulieve Cannabis Corp.Time Not Supplied0.110.13+18.18
SAMOFSangoma Technologies CorporationTime Not Supplied0.010.02+100
PTALFPetroTal Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
COGDFCompass Gold CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SMTTFSun Metals Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CANGCango Inc.Time Not Supplied0.850.6-28.99
COSLFCO2 Solutions Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
WLFFFWolfden Resources CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
NWVCFEnWave CorporationTime Not Supplied0.01N/A-100
HEIAHEICO CorporationTime Not Supplied0.490.6+22.45
NHVCFNorthern Vertex Mining Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CWBHFCharlotte's Web Holdings, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.040.02-50
MECMayville Engineering Company, Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ESIGFESI Group SATime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
THBRFThunderbird Entertainment Group Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ESLTElbit Systems Ltd.Time Not Supplied1.24N/AN/A
PTGIFPT Medco Energi Internasional TbkTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
RYBRYB Education, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.01-0.06-700
ESEAEuroseas Ltd.Time Not Supplied-0.32-0.32N/A
MGPHFMason Graphite Inc.Time Not Supplied-0.02-0.03-50
STGSunlands Technology GroupTime Not Supplied-1.13-0.66+41.59
KNNNFKainos Group plcTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
GWTNFGrande West Transportation Group IncTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SLGBFgood natured Products Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
NM-PHNavios Maritime Holdings Inc.Time Not Supplied-2.76-1.16+57.97
YMAIFYoma Strategic Holdings Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
RAMPLiveRamp Holdings, Inc.Time Not Supplied-0.16-0.13+21.21
HMAGFhome24 SETime Not Supplied-0.47-0.91-93.62
VHLGFValuetronics Holdings LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
NXGNNextGen Healthcare, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.170.23+32.18
NMNavios Maritime Holdings Inc.Time Not Supplied-2.76-1.16+57.97
VRSSFVersus Systems Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
YYJOYY Inc.Time Not Supplied9.539.32-2.23
MOMOMomo Inc.Time Not Supplied3.694.15+12.34
IFLXFImaflex Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/A0.01N/A
LAIXLAIX Inc.Time Not Supplied-2.79-1.14+59.21
ROMJFRubicon Organics Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A, inc.Time Not Supplied-0.02-0.04-60
JTJianpu Technology Inc.Time Not Supplied0.020.27+1250
NIONIO Inc.Time Not Supplied-3.23-2.42+25.08
UCCPFUpco International Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
WDAYWorkday, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.410.43+5.39
QTNTQuotient LimitedTime Not Supplied-0.45-0.41+8.28
TKRFFTinka Resources LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
RTLRRattler Midstream LPTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ORTXOrchard Therapeutics plcTime Not Supplied-0.94-0.35+62.88