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May 26, 2019 - Jun 01, 2019



Earnings on Thu, May 301-100 of 133 results

SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%)
PLNHFPlanet 13 Holdings Inc.Time Not Supplied0.01-0.01-300
FUNWF4fun Media S.A.Time Not SuppliedN/A-0.04N/A
VRNDFDelta 9 Cannabis Inc.Time Not Supplied0.040.13+225
GLATFGlobal Atomic CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
AEOJFAEON Financial Service Co., Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ASNDAscendis Pharma A/STime Not Supplied-1-1.24-23.75
JNEXFCuda Oil and Gas Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ATCMFAtico Mining CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ABAHFAbacus Health Products, Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ACEXFSeven Aces LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ALBKFAlpha Bank A.E.Time Not Supplied0.030.02-28.57
AIRTAir T IncTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
MAIFFMinera Alamos Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
REXREX American Resources CorporationTime Not Supplied0.170.45+164.71
AGCBFAmarillo Gold CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
EGFEFEurobank Ergasias Services and Holdings S.A.Time Not Supplied0.03N/AN/A
ACRGFAcreage Holdings, Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ALGDFAlgold Resources Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
ABMBFAbcourt Mines Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
AXNVFAxion Ventures Inc.Time Not Supplied-0.01-0.01-40
BURLBurlington Stores, Inc.Time Not Supplied1.251.26+0.72
BBBXFBrixton Metals CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
BBRRFBlueberries Medical Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
LRCDFLaurentian Bank of CanadaTime Not Supplied1.071.08+0.56
CLGNCollPlant Biotechnologies Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
MYTEFTelekom Malaysia BerhadTime Not Supplied0.040.08+100
ULTAUlta Beauty, Inc.Time Not Supplied3.073.26+6.33
DOOOBRP Inc.Time Not Supplied0.620.54-13.18
IHHHFIHH Healthcare BerhadTime Not Supplied0.030.02-44.12
BITABitauto Holdings LimitedTime Not Supplied1.251.91+52.31
BZQIFBezeq The Israel Telecommunication Corporation LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/A0.11N/A
NTIOFNational Bank of CanadaTime Not Supplied1.511.51-0.26
BRGGFBragg Gaming Group Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
BIBLFWaterloo Brewing Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
BVXVBiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/A0.04N/A
RRGBRed Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.490.19-61.46
DYMEFDionyMed Brands Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
MLYNFMalayan Banking BerhadTime Not Supplied0.180.16-8.38
DBIDesigner Brands Inc.Time Not Supplied0.420.43+3.61
BZQIYBezeq The Israel Telecommunication Corporation LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/A0.11N/A
CANSFWillow Biosciences Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CRVLCorVel CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CHOOFChoom Holdings Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
NTTHFNeo Lithium Corp.Time Not Supplied-0.01-0.01+9.09
HRVOFHarvest One Cannabis Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
PKCOFPARK24 Co., Ltd.Time Not Supplied14.8612.59-15.29
GHMGraham CorporationTime Not Supplied0.180.08-54.29
KHRNFKhiron Life Sciences Corp.Time Not Supplied-0.05-0.12-140
MCLDFmCloud Technologies Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/A-0.2N/A
ZNNMFEEStor CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SMOFFSonoro Metals Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
WHGOFWhite Gold Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
HMYHarmony Gold Mining Company LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CXDOCrexendo, Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
RNSFFRenaissance Oil Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
TECDTech Data CorporationTime Not Supplied1.972.04+3.5
ISRJFGen III Oil CorporationTime Not Supplied-0.02-0.02N/A
CSSCSS Industries, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.08-1.18-1575
DBCCFDecibel Cannabis Company Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
DGDollar General CorporationTime Not Supplied1.391.48+6.78
ITHUFiAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc.Time Not Supplied-0.08-0.15-87.5
CNTMFCansortium Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
PTEFFPioneering Technology Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CURLFCuraleaf Holdings, Inc.Time Not Supplied-0.02-0.02N/A
COOThe Cooper Companies, Inc.Time Not Supplied2.762.94+6.37
CSIQCanadian Solar Inc.Time Not Supplied-0.49-0.29+41.06
HGMCFHarmony Gold Mining Company LimitedTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
OGZPYPublic Joint Stock Company GazpromTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
TAKOFDrone Delivery Canada Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
COSTCostco Wholesale CorporationTime Not Supplied1.821.89+3.73
MDXHFMedX Health CorpTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
OILCFPermex Petroleum CorporationTime Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
RLLRFSugarBud Craft Growers Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
MIMNFMimi's Rock Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
CTNXFCornerstone Capital Resources Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
KNRLFKontrol Energy Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
KVLQFValOre Metals Corp.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SGMLFSigma Lithium Resources CorporationTime Not Supplied-0.02-0.02N/A
DELLDell Technologies Inc.Time Not Supplied1.211.45+19.64
DLTRDollar Tree, Inc.Time Not Supplied1.141.14N/A
EXPRExpress, Inc.Time Not Supplied-0.3-0.15+50.82
EGTYFEguana Technologies Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
NGL-PCNGL Energy Partners LPTime Not Supplied0.20.19-5.47
EMHTFEmerald Health Therapeutics, Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/A-0.03N/A
NGLNGL Energy Partners LPTime Not Supplied0.20.19-5.47
FLOOFFlower One Holdings Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SAFMSanderson Farms, Inc.Time Not Supplied1.651.83+10.71
HUGEFSD Pharma Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
FCSMFFocus Graphite Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
GPSThe Gap, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.320.24-24.05
ZBISFZenabis Global Inc.Time Not Supplied-0.04-0.06-50
SRTSFGr. Sarantis S.A.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
GTBIFGreen Thumb Industries Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
GAYMFGalway Metals Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
MRVLMarvell Technology Group Ltd.Time Not Supplied0.140.16+11.11
MOVMovado Group, Inc.Time Not Supplied0.310.24-22.83
SNAVFStar Navigation Systems Group Ltd.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
TSGZFTriStar Gold, Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A
SPWHSportsman's Warehouse Holdings, Inc.Time Not Supplied-0.09-0.12-26.32
RQHTFReliq Health Technologies Inc.Time Not SuppliedN/AN/AN/A