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May 19, 2019 - May 25, 2019

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Economic Events on Tue, May 211-27 of 27 results

EventCountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Consumer Confidence AdjNL4:30AM ESTMayN/AN/A-3N/A
Consumer Spending VolumeNL4:30AM ESTMarN/AN/A0.9N/A
Consumer ConfidenceDK6:00AM ESTMayN/AN/A3.7N/A
Consumer ConfidenceTR7:00AM ESTMayN/AN/A63.5N/A
Interest RateNG7:00AM ESTN/AN/A13.513.5N/A
Employment YYPL8:00AM ESTAprN/A33N/A
Corp. Sector Wages YYPL8:00AM ESTAprN/AN/A5.7N/A
Cbank Current AccountGR8:30AM ESTMarN/AN/A-0.99N/A
CBI Trends - OrdersGB10:00AM ESTMayN/AN/A-5N/A
Redbook YYUS12:55PM ESTN/AN/AN/A5.4N/A
Redbook MMUS12:55PM ESTN/AN/AN/A1.3N/A
Exist. Home Sales % ChgUS2:00PM ESTAprN/AN/A-4.9N/A
Existing Home SalesUS2:00PM ESTAprN/AN/A5.21N/A
Consumer Confid. FlashEU2:00PM ESTMayN/A-7.7-7.9N/A
Central Govt Debt StockTR2:30PM ESTAprN/AN/A1162.4N/A
Retail Sales Volumes QQNZ10:45PM ESTQ1N/AN/A1.7N/A
Retail Qrtly Vs Yr AgoNZ10:45PM ESTQ1N/AN/A3.5N/A
Reuters Tankan DIJP11:00PM ESTMayN/AN/A8N/A
Machinery Orders YYJP11:50PM ESTMarN/A-3.4-5.5N/A
Trade Balance Total YenJP11:50PM ESTAprN/AN/A527.8N/A
Exports YYJP11:50PM ESTAprN/AN/A-2.4N/A
Imports YYJP11:50PM ESTAprN/AN/A1.2N/A
Machinery Orders MMJP11:50PM ESTMarN/AN/A1.8N/A
Construction Work DoneAU1:30AM ESTQ1N/AN/A-3.1N/A
Customs-Based Trade DataTH3:00AM ESTAprN/AN/A2N/A
Custom-Based Export DataTH3:00AM ESTAprN/AN/A-4.88N/A
Custom-Based Import DataTH3:00AM ESTAprN/AN/A-7.63N/A