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May 24, 2020 - May 30, 2020

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Economic Events on Fri, May 291-100 of 115 results

EventCountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Retail Sales YYNL4:30AM ESTApr0N/A0.8N/A
Industrial Prod YY*EE5:00AM ESTApr-16.9N/A-8.2-8.7
GDP QQFI5:00AM ESTQ1-0.9N/A-0.7-0.6
GDP YY Revised*EE5:00AM ESTQ1-0.7N/A3.9N/A
Consumer Confid. Index*JP5:00AM ESTMay24N/A21.6N/A
Industrial Prod MM*EE5:00AM ESTApr-8.3N/A-9.1-9.6
GDP Qtr Prelim YYFI5:00AM ESTQ1-1.1N/A0.40.5
Credit Indicator YYNO6:00AM ESTApr4.64.64.7N/A
M3 Money Supply YY*ZA6:00AM ESTApr10.47N/A9.49N/A
Retail Sales MM Real*DE6:00AM ESTApr-5.3-12-5.6-4
Import Prices MM*DE6:00AM ESTApr-1.8-1.4-3.5N/A
Import Prices YY*DE6:00AM ESTApr-7.4-7.2-5.5N/A
Retail Sales YY Real*DE6:00AM ESTApr-6.5-14.3-2.8-1.2
GDP QQ PrelimDK6:00AM ESTQ1-2.1N/A0.6N/A
Unemployment RateDK6:00AM ESTApr5.1N/A3.6N/A
GDP YY PrelimDK6:00AM ESTQ1-0.3N/A2.3N/A
Pvt Sector Credit Ext.*ZA6:00AM ESTApr7.377.27.847.75
Consumer Spending MMFR6:45AM ESTApr-20.2-15-17.9-16.9
Producer Prices MMFR6:45AM ESTApr-2.9N/A-1.7N/A
GDP YY FinalHU7:00AM ESTQ12.2N/A2.2N/A
PPI YYAT7:00AM ESTApr-2.4N/A-1.5N/A
Trade Balance*TR7:00AM ESTApr-4.56N/A-3.4N/A
KOF IndicatorCH7:00AM ESTMay53.27063.559.7
GDP Quarterly YY*TR7:00AM ESTQ14.55.46N/A
GDP Growth QQ FinalAT7:00AM ESTQ1-2.6N/A-2.5N/A
PPI MMAT7:00AM ESTApr-0.8N/A-0.9N/A
Money Supply YYMY7:00AM ESTApr4.4N/A3.6N/A
Household Lending Growth YYSE7:30AM ESTApr5.2N/A5.2N/A
Imports YY*TH7:30AM ESTApr-17N/A4.4N/A
Current Account*TH7:30AM ESTApr-0.7N/A0.7N/A
Private Investment Index*TH7:30AM ESTApr1.9N/A-1N/A
Forex Reserves*TH7:30AM ESTN/A234.8N/A235.2N/A
Currency Swaps*TH7:30AM ESTN/A27.8N/A28N/A
GDP YYSE7:30AM ESTQ10.40.500.5
Pvt Consumption Index*TH7:30AM ESTApr-8.6N/A-4.9N/A
GDP QQSE7:30AM ESTQ10.1-0.600
Trade BalanceSE7:30AM ESTApr7.6N/A4.15.2
Trade Account*TH7:30AM ESTApr2.5N/A2.3N/A
Exports YY*TH7:30AM ESTApr-3.3N/A-2.2N/A
Reg'd Unemployment NSANO8:00AM ESTMay6.46.99.6N/A
GDP Final QQIT8:00AM ESTQ1-5.3-4.7-4.7N/A
GDP Final YYIT8:00AM ESTQ1-5.4-4.8-4.8-5.4
CPI MMPL8:00AM ESTMay-0.2-0.20-0.1
Current Account Balance*ES8:00AM ESTMar-1.05N/A1.33N/A
Money-M3 Annual Grwth*EU8:00AM ESTApr8.37.87.5N/A
CPI YYPL8:00AM ESTMay2.933.4N/A
Money Supply M3*HK8:30AM ESTApr-1N/A0N/A
PPI YY*GR9:00AM ESTApr-13.9N/A-9.1N/A
CPI (EU Norm) Prelim MMIT9:00AM ESTMay-0.2-0.10.5N/A
GDP YY*IS9:00AM ESTQ1-1.2N/A4.7N/A
Consumer Price Prelim YYIT9:00AM ESTMay-0.1-0.10N/A
CPI (EU Norm) Prelim YYIT9:00AM ESTMay-0.2-0.20.1N/A
Retail Sales YY*GR9:00AM ESTMar-3.1N/A3.52.5
Consumer Price Prelim MMIT9:00AM ESTMay-0.1-0.10.1N/A
HICP Flash YYEU9:00AM ESTMay0.10.10.3N/A
Retail Sales YYIE10:00AM ESTApr-43.3N/A-11.1N/A
GDP YY FinalLV10:00AM ESTQ1-1.5N/A-1.4N/A
GDP QQ Final*PT10:00AM ESTQ1-3.8N/A-3.9N/A
Fed Fiscal Deficit, INR*IN10:00AM ESTApr2795.12N/A9356.35N/A
Retail Sales MMLV10:00AM ESTApr-7.7N/A-5.9-5.1
Retail Sales MMIE10:00AM ESTApr-35.4N/A-12.7N/A
Retail Sales YYLV10:00AM ESTApr-9N/A-1.8-0.4
GDP YY Final*PT10:00AM ESTQ1-2.3N/A-2.4N/A
FX Reserves, USD*IN11:30AM ESTN/A490.04N/A487.04N/A
GDP YYBR12:00PM ESTQ1-0.3-0.41.7N/A
Fiscal Year GDP 17/18*IN12:00PM EST20194.2N/A6.86.1
Trade Bal (Incl. Region)*ZA12:00PM ESTApr-35.0210.524.2523.94
Infrastructure Output YY*IN12:00PM ESTApr-38.1N/A-6.5-9
GDP QQBR12:00PM ESTQ1-1.5-1.50.5N/A
GDP Quarterly YY*IN12:00PM ESTQ43.
GDP QQ AnnualizedCA12:30PM ESTQ1-8.2-100.30.6
Raw Materials Prices MMCA12:30PM ESTApr-13.4N/A-15.6N/A
Consumption, Adjusted MMUS12:30PM ESTApr-13.6-12.6-7.5-6.9
Personal Income MMUS12:30PM ESTApr10.5-6.5-2-2.2
PCE Price Index MMUS12:30PM ESTApr-0.5N/A-0.3-0.2
PCE Price Index YYUS12:30PM ESTApr0.5N/A1.3N/A
Raw Materials Prices YYCA12:30PM ESTApr-36.7N/A-22.7N/A
Personal Consump Real MMUS12:30PM ESTApr-13.2N/A-7.3-6.7
Core PCE Price Index MMUS12:30PM ESTApr-0.4-0.3-0.10
Producer Prices YYCA12:30PM ESTApr-6N/A-2.4-3
GDP Implicit Price QQCA12:30PM ESTQ10.5N/A10.8
GDP MMCA12:30PM ESTMar-7.2-900.1
GDP QQCA12:30PM ESTQ1-2.1N/A0.1N/A
Producer Prices MMCA12:30PM ESTApr-2.3N/A-0.9-1.5
Core PCE Price Index YYUS12:30PM ESTApr11.11.7N/A
GDP QQ Revised SABE1:00PM ESTQ1-3.6N/A-3.9N/A
CPI MM*ZW1:00PM ESTApr17.64N/A26.59N/A
Copper Output YY*CL1:00PM ESTApr2.8N/A4.2N/A
CPI YY*ZW1:00PM ESTApr765.57N/A676.39N/A
Jobless Rate*CL1:00PM ESTApr998.2N/A
Net Debt/GDP Ratio*BR1:30PM ESTApr52.752.451.7N/A
Primary Budget Surplus*BR1:30PM ESTApr-94.3-118.6-23.65N/A
Nominal Budget Balance*BR1:30PM ESTApr-115.8-120.1-79.7N/A
Chicago PMI*US1:45PM ESTMay32.34035.4N/A
U Mich Conditions FinalUS2:00PM ESTMay82.3N/A83N/A
CPI YYKE2:00PM ESTMay5.47N/A5.62N/A
U Mich Expectations FinalUS2:00PM ESTMay65.9N/A67.7N/A
U Mich 1Yr Inf Final*US2:00PM ESTMay3.2N/A3N/A
U Mich 5-Yr Inf Final*US2:00PM ESTMay2.7N/A2.6N/A