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Oct 08, 2017 - Oct 14, 2017

Economic Events on Mon, Oct 091-100 of 133 results

EventCountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Unemployment Rate AdjCH1:45AM ESTSep3.13.23.2-
Exports MM SADE2:00AM ESTAug3.110.2-
Trade Balance, EUR, SADE2:00AM ESTAug21.62019.519.3
Core Inflation MMNO2:00AM ESTSep0.50.7-0.9-
CPI Final MMDE2:00AM ESTSep0.10.10.1-
Consumer Price Index YYNO2:00AM ESTSep1.61.71.3-
Industrial Output MMDE2:00AM ESTAug2.60.70-0.1
Consumer Price Index MMNO2:00AM ESTSep0.60.7-0.8-
Consumer Price IndexRO2:00AM ESTSep1.81.61.2-
Imports MM SADE2:00AM ESTAug1.
CPI Final YYDE2:00AM ESTSep1.81.81.8-
HICP Final MMDE2:00AM ESTSep0-0-
Trade BalanceFI2:00AM ESTAug-0.15--0.3-
CPI (EU Norm) Final MMFR2:45AM ESTSep-0.2-0.10.6-
CPI (EU Norm) Final YYFR2:45AM ESTSep1.11.11.1-
Industrial Output MMFR2:45AM ESTAug-
HICP YYES3:00AM ESTSep1.81.91.9-
Foreign Trade BalanceSK3:00AM ESTAug--135.3-
Trade BalanceAT3:00AM ESTJul-344.7--43.3-
Construction Output YYCZ3:00AM ESTAug1.9-1.8-
CPI MMES3:00AM ESTSep0.20.20.2-
CPI YYES3:00AM ESTSep1.81.81.6-
Current AccountDK3:00AM ESTAug12.7-14.6-
CPI YYCZ3:00AM ESTSep--2.5-
Trade Balance Mth PrilimHU3:00AM ESTAug--0-
CPI YYDK3:00AM ESTSep1.61.41.5-
CPI MMCZ3:00AM ESTSep---0.1-
Industrial Prod Adj YYTR3:00AM ESTAug5.2-14.5-
Industrial Output YYCZ3:00AM ESTAug--3.3-
Unemployment RateCZ3:00AM ESTSep--4-
Trade BalanceDK3:00AM ESTAug6-7.4-
CPI MMSE3:30AM ESTSep0.10.4-0.2-
CPIF YYSE3:30AM ESTSep2.32.52.3-
CPIF MMSE3:30AM ESTSep0.20.4-0.1-
Industrial Output YY WDAIT4:00AM ESTAug5.
CPI (EU Norm) Final MMIT4:00AM ESTSep1.81.81.8-
Consumer Prices Final MMIT4:00AM ESTSep-0.3-0.3-0.3-
Consumer Prices Final YYIT4:00AM ESTSep1.11.11.1-
Unemployment RatePL4:00AM ESTSep6.86.97-
CPI (EU Norm) Final YYIT4:00AM ESTSep1.31.31.3-
Construction O/P Vol MMGB4:30AM ESTAug0.6--0.9-1
Industrial Output YYGB4:30AM ESTAug1.
Goods Trade Bal. Non-EUGB4:30AM ESTAug-5.84-3.6-3.84-5.34
Construction O/P Vol YYGB4:30AM ESTAug3.50.2-0.42.7
Sentix IndexEU4:30AM ESTOct29.728.528.2-
FX ReservesHK4:30AM ESTSep419.2-413.7413.8
Manufacturing Output YYGB4:30AM ESTAug2.
Foreign Reserves MMSG5:00AM ESTSep275.4-273.1-
Industrial Production MMEU5:00AM ESTAug1.
Consumer Price Index YYLT5:00AM ESTSep4.8-4.4-
Consumer Price Index MMLT5:00AM ESTSep1-0-
Industrial Production YYEU5:00AM ESTAug3.
Industrial Output YYGB5:30AM ESTAug-
Consumer Price Index YYLV6:00AM ESTSep2.9-3.1-
Industrial Production MMEU6:00AM ESTAug-0.50.1-
Consumer Price Index MMLV6:00AM ESTSep0.3--0.2-
Industrial Production YYEU6:00AM ESTAug-2.63.2-
Inflation, Final YYEU6:00AM ESTSep-1.51.5-
Inflation Final MMEU6:00AM ESTSep-0.40.3-
Retail Sales YYBR7:00AM ESTAug-4.53.1-
M2 Money SupplyBH7:00AM ESTAug2-1.9-
IGP-DI Inflation IndexBR7:00AM ESTSep0.620.50.24-
Retail Sales MMBR7:00AM ESTAug-0.20-
CPI YYTZ7:00AM ESTSep5.3-5-
Trade BalanceCL7:30AM ESTSep714400597-
Retail Sales YYPL8:00AM ESTSep8.67.857.6-
Industrial Output YYPL8:00AM ESTSep4.35.28.8-
Retail Sales YYBR8:00AM ESTAug3.64.53.1-
Net Inflation YYPL8:00AM ESTSep10.90.7-
CPI YYMZ8:00AM ESTSep10.76-14.35-
Current AccountPL8:00AM ESTAug-100-622-878-491
Employment YYPL8:00AM ESTSep4.54.64.6-
CPI MMOM8:00AM ESTSep0.2-0.3-
CPI YYOM8:00AM ESTSep1.6-1-
M3 Money Supply YYPL8:00AM ESTSep5.
Retail Sales MMBR8:00AM ESTAug-0.50.20-
Corp. Sector Wages YYPL8:00AM ESTSep66.26.6-
PPI YYPL8:00AM ESTSep3.13.13-
House Starts, AnnualizedCA8:15AM ESTSep217.1210223.2225.9
Export Prices MMUS8:30AM ESTSep-0.50.6-
Building Permits MM.CA8:30AM ESTAug-5.5-1-3.5-2.8
Core CPI MM, SAUS8:30AM ESTSep-0.20.2-
Retail ControlUS8:30AM ESTSep-0.4-0.2-
Core CPI YY, NSAUS8:30AM ESTSep-1.81.7-
Initial Jobless ClaimsUS8:30AM EST--252260-
NY Fed ManufacturingUS8:30AM ESTOct-20.7524.4-
Continued Jobless ClaimsUS8:30AM EST--1.941.94-
PPI Final Demand YYUS8:30AM ESTSep-2.52.4-
Philly Fed Business IndxUS8:30AM ESTOct-2023.8-
Retail Sales MMUS8:30AM ESTSep-1.7-0.2-
PPI Final Demand MMUS8:30AM ESTSep-0.40.2-
PPI exFood/Energy MMUS8:30AM ESTSep-0.20.1-
New Housing Price IndexCA8:30AM ESTAug0.10.30.4-
PPI ex Food/Energy/Tr MMUS8:30AM ESTSep0.20.20.2-
Retail Ex Gas/AutosUS8:30AM ESTSep-0.4-0.1-
CPI MM, SAUS8:30AM ESTSep-0.60.4-
Real Weekly Earnings MMUS8:30AM ESTSep--0.3-0.6-
CPI Index, NSAUS8:30AM ESTSep246.82246.94245.52-
Building Permits: NumberUS8:30AM ESTSep-1.251.27-
Housing Starts Number MMUS8:30AM ESTSep-1.171.18-