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May 13, 2018 - May 19, 2018

Economic Events on Tue, May 151-92 of 92 results

EventCountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
GDPMY4:00AM ESTQ15.45.55.9N/A
Trade BalanceNL4:30AM ESTMarN/AN/A4.51N/A
Unemployment RateEE5:00AM ESTQ16.8N/A5.3N/A
GDP Flash QQ SADE6:00AM ESTQ10.30.40.6N/A
GDP Flash YY NSADE6:00AM ESTQ11.61.82.3N/A
Current AccountFI6:00AM ESTMar-0.1N/A0.3N/A
Trade BalanceNO6:00AM ESTApr19.4N/A15N/A
GDP Growth MainlandNO6:00AM ESTQ1N/A0.50.6N/A
GDP GrowthNO6:00AM ESTQ10.6N/A-0.3-0.3
Inflation Ex-Tobacco MMFR6:45AM ESTApr0.2N/A0.8N/A
Non-Farm Payrolls QQFR6:45AM ESTQ10.3N/A0.30.4
CPI (EU Norm) Final YYFR6:45AM ESTAprN/AN/A1.8N/A
CPI (EU Norm) Final MMFR6:45AM ESTApr0.20.11.1N/A
Preliminary GDP YYCZ7:00AM ESTQ14.54.85.5N/A
Quarterly Prelim GDP YYSK7:00AM ESTQ13.63.63.5N/A
Preliminary GDP QQCZ7:00AM ESTQ10.50.70.8N/A
GDP YY PrelimHU7:00AM ESTQ14.44.14.4N/A
3M Qtly Jobless AvgTR7:00AM ESTFeb10.6N/A10.8N/A
Producer/Import Price YYCH7:15AM ESTApr2.7N/A2N/A
Producer/Import Price MMCH7:15AM ESTApr0.4N/A-0.2N/A
GDP Prelim NSA YYNL7:30AM ESTQ12.8N/A2.92.7
Trade BalanceNL7:30AM ESTMar5.28N/A4.514.41
GDP Prelim SA QQNL7:30AM ESTQ10.
GDP YY FlashPL8:00AM ESTQ15.
Industrial Output YYPL8:00AM ESTApr9.39.51.8N/A
PPI YYPL8:00AM ESTApr1.10.750.3N/A
Unemployment RatePL8:00AM ESTApr6.36.36.6N/A
Retail Sales YYPL8:00AM ESTApr4.68.19.2N/A
Employment YYPL8:00AM ESTApr3.73.73.7N/A
Corp. Sector Wages YYPL8:00AM ESTApr7.87.16.7N/A
GDP YY PrelimPT8:30AM ESTQ12.1N/A2.4N/A
ILO Unemployment RateGB8:30AM ESTMarN/AN/A4.2N/A
Claimant Count Unem ChngGB8:30AM ESTAprN/AN/A11.6N/A
GDP QQ PrelimPT8:30AM ESTQ10.40.50.7N/A
Avg Wk Earnings 3M YYGB8:30AM ESTMar2.62.62.8N/A
Avg Earnings (Ex-Bonus)GB8:30AM ESTMar2.92.92.8N/A
Budget BalanceTR9:00AM ESTApr-2.8N/A-20.2N/A
GDP Flash Estimate QQEU9:00AM ESTQ10.40.40.4N/A
Industrial Production YYEU9:00AM ESTMarN/AN/A2.9N/A
ZEW Current ConditionsDE9:00AM ESTMayN/AN/A87.9N/A
ZEW Economic SentimentDE9:00AM ESTMayN/AN/A-8.2N/A
GDP Flash Estimate YYEU9:00AM ESTQ12.52.52.5N/A
Industrial Production MMEU9:00AM ESTMarN/AN/A-0.8N/A
Unemployment RateZA9:30AM ESTQ126.7N/A26.7N/A
Unemployment TotalZA9:30AM ESTQ16N/A5.9N/A
Food Inflation YYNG11:00AM ESTApr14.8N/A16.08N/A
CPI YYNG11:00AM ESTApr12.4812.513.34N/A
Retail Sales YYZA11:00AM ESTMar4.
CPI YYNA12:00PM ESTApr3.6N/A3.5N/A
CPI YYAO12:00PM ESTApr20.22N/A20.9N/A
CPI MMAO12:00PM ESTApr1.22N/A1.44N/A
CPI MMNA12:00PM ESTApr0.3N/A0.1N/A
Current AccountPL12:00PM ESTMar-982-1049-1017-972
Net Inflation YYPL12:00PM ESTApr0.60.60.7N/A
M3 Money Supply YYPL12:00PM ESTApr5.75.855.8N/A
NY Fed ManufacturingUS12:30PM ESTMayN/A1515.8N/A
Retail Sales Ex-Autos MMUS12:30PM ESTAprN/A0.50.2N/A
Retail ControlUS12:30PM ESTAprN/AN/A0.4N/A
Retail Sales MMUS12:30PM ESTAprN/A0.30.6N/A
Retail Ex Gas/AutosUS12:30PM ESTApr0.3N/A0.30.4
Redbook MMUS12:55PM ESTN/A0.8N/A0.8N/A
Redbook YYUS12:55PM ESTN/A4.9N/A4.2N/A
Repo RateZA1:00PM ESTMay6.56.56.5N/A
NAHB Housing Market IndxUS2:00PM ESTMayN/AN/A69N/A
Business Inventories MMUS2:00PM ESTMarN/A0.30.6N/A
Budget FulfilmentRU3:00PM ESTApr0.6N/A1.5N/A
CPI MMIL3:30PM ESTApr0.40.40.3N/A
CPI YYIL3:30PM ESTApr0.40.40.2N/A
GDP YYCO4:00PM ESTQ12.22.31.8N/A
Primary Bud Bal FinalAR8:00PM ESTApr-10342.4N/A-14701.9N/A
Foreign Buying, T-BondsUS8:00PM ESTMar-4.9N/A43.2N/A
Net L-T Flows,ExswapsUS8:00PM ESTMar61.8N/A49N/A
Net L-T Flows,Incl.SwapsUS8:00PM ESTMar48.4N/A35.8N/A
Overall Net Capital FlowsUS8:00PM ESTMar-38.5N/A44.747.5
Unemployment RateKR11:00PM ESTApr3.8N/A4N/A
GDP QQ External DemandJP11:50PM ESTQ10.1N/A0-0.1
GDP QQ Capital Expend.JP11:50PM ESTQ1-0.10.410.7
GDP QQ AnnualisedJP11:50PM ESTQ1-0.6-0.21.61
GDP QQJP11:50PM ESTQ1-0.2N/A0.40.3
GDP QQ Pvt Consmp PrelimJP11:50PM ESTQ10N/A0.50.3
NBP Base RatePL12:00AM ESTMayN/AN/A1.5N/A
Consumer SentimentAU12:30AM ESTMay-0.6N/A-0.6N/A
China House Prices YYCN1:30AM ESTApr4.7N/A4.9N/A
Wage Price Index YYAU1:30AM ESTQ12.12.12.1N/A
Wage Price Index QQAU1:30AM ESTQ10.
RBNZ Offshore HoldingsNZ3:00AM ESTApr57.4N/A56.5N/A