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Aug 05, 2018 - Aug 11, 2018

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Economic Events on Sun, Aug 051-17 of 17 results

EventCountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Emirates NBD Comp PMIAE4:15AM ESTJulN/AN/A57.1N/A
M2 Money Supply YYCN12:00AM ESTJulN/A8.28N/A
Monetary Policy RateRO12:00AM ESTN/A2.52.752.5N/A
Outstanding Loan GrowthCN12:00AM ESTJul13.212.812.7N/A
Consumer Conf IndexID12:00AM ESTJul124.8N/A128.1N/A
CPI MMUA12:00AM ESTJul-0.7-0.10N/A
Trade Balance USDCN12:00AM ESTJul28.0539.3341.6141.47
Imports YYCN12:00AM ESTJul27.316.214.1N/A
New Yuan LoansCN12:00AM ESTJulN/A12001840N/A
Exports YYCN12:00AM ESTJul12.21011.311.2
CPI YYPH1:00AM ESTJul5.75.55.2N/A
CPI MMCN1:30AM ESTJul0.30.2-0.1N/A
CPI YYCN1:30AM ESTJul2.11.91.9N/A
PPI YYCN1:30AM ESTJul4.64.44.7N/A
Retail Sales YYCN2:00AM ESTJulN/A99N/A
Industrial Output YYCN2:00AM ESTJulN/A6.36N/A
Urban investment (ytd)yyCN2:00AM ESTJulN/A66N/A