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Aug 05, 2018 - Aug 11, 2018

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Economic Events on Wed, Aug 081-64 of 64 results

EventCountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Industrial Output YYMY4:00AM ESTJun1.13.23N/A
Economy Watchers Poll SAJP5:00AM ESTJul46.6N/A48.1N/A
Consumer Price IndexRO6:00AM ESTJul4.64.855.4N/A
WPI Inflation YYIN6:30AM ESTJulN/A5.225.77N/A
CPI MMCZ7:00AM ESTJul0.20.20.4N/A
CPI YYCZ7:00AM ESTJul2.32.32.6N/A
Foreign Trade BalanceSK7:00AM ESTJun432.2415.3358.8394.2
GDP YY PrelimSK7:00AM ESTQ24.13.73.6N/A
CPI YYHU7:00AM ESTJul3.43.23.1N/A
EU Norm Inflation YYSK7:00AM ESTJul2.62.72.9N/A
Core Inflation MMSK7:00AM ESTJul-0.2-0.10.2N/A
Core CPI YYHU7:00AM ESTJul2.4N/A2.4N/A
Headline Inflation YYSK7:00AM ESTJul2.62.62.8N/A
Core Inflation YYSK7:00AM ESTJul2.93.13.2N/A
Headline Inflation MMSK7:00AM ESTJul-0.1-0.10.1N/A
Unemployment RateCZ7:00AM ESTJulN/AN/A2.9N/A
Ind Output Cal Adj YYES7:00AM ESTJun0.
Industrial Output YYSK7:00AM ESTJun2.132.92.9
EU Norm Inflation MMSK7:00AM ESTJul-0.2-
1-Day Repo RateTH7:05AM ESTN/AN/AN/A1.5N/A
Consumer Price Index MMLT8:00AM ESTJul-0.5N/A0N/A
Consumer Price Index YYLT8:00AM ESTJul2.5N/A2.6N/A
Unemployment RateSK8:30AM ESTJulN/A5.45.4N/A
Unemployment RateSK9:00AM ESTJulN/A5.45.4N/A
Business Confidence IdxZA9:30AM ESTJul94.7N/A93.7N/A
Mining Production YYZA9:30AM ESTJun2.80.5-2.6-1.8
Consumer Price Index YYLV10:00AM ESTJul2.6N/A2.8N/A
Consumer Price Index MMLV10:00AM ESTJul-0.8N/A0.6N/A
Unemployment Rate QtrlyPT10:00AM ESTQ26.7N/A7.9N/A
Mortgage Refinance IndexUS11:00AM ESTN/A927.6N/A971.3N/A
MBA Purchase IndexUS11:00AM ESTN/A233.1N/A237.9N/A
IGP-DI Inflation IndexBR11:00AM ESTJul0.440.371.48N/A
Retail Sales YYZA11:00AM ESTJunN/A1.91.9N/A
Inflation MMCL11:00AM ESTJulN/AN/A0.1N/A
Core InflationCL11:00AM ESTJul0.3N/A0N/A
CPI YYMZ11:00AM ESTJul4.73N/A4.4N/A
Mortgage Market IndexUS11:00AM ESTN/A342.5N/A353.1N/A
MBA 30-Yr Mortgage RateUS11:00AM ESTN/A4.84N/A4.84N/A
Industrial Output YYIN11:30AM ESTJunN/A5.43.2N/A
IPCA Inflation Index YYBR12:00PM ESTJul4.484.44.39N/A
CPI Inflation YYIN12:00PM ESTJulN/A4.515N/A
IPCA Inflation Index MMBR12:00PM ESTJulN/AN/A1.26N/A
Building Permits MM.CA12:30PM ESTJunN/A-0.24.7N/A
Cash RateNZ9:00PM ESTN/A1.751.751.75N/A
RICS Housing SurveyGB11:01PM ESTJul4423
Machinery Orders MMJP11:50PM ESTJun-8.8-1.3-3.7N/A
Foreign Invest JP StockJP11:50PM ESTN/A-225.2N/A-63.4-62.5
Foreign Bond InvestmentJP11:50PM ESTN/A1171N/A526.5526.6
Machinery Orders YYJP11:50PM ESTJun0.39.516.5N/A
M2 Money Supply YYKW12:00AM ESTJun5.3N/A4N/A
Trade Deficit Govt -USDIN12:00AM ESTJul18.0215.516.6N/A
CPI MMOM12:00AM ESTJul0.2N/A0.4N/A
CPI YYOM12:00AM ESTJul1.4N/A1.4N/A
Pvt Bank Lending YYKW12:00AM ESTJun1.6N/A0.7N/A
Imports YYPH1:00AM ESTJunN/AN/A11.4N/A
Exports YYPH1:00AM ESTJunN/AN/A-3.8N/A
Trade Balance USDPH1:00AM ESTJunN/AN/A-3701N/A
CPI MMCN1:30AM ESTJul0.30.2-0.1N/A
CPI YYCN1:30AM ESTJul2.11.91.9N/A
GDP YYPH2:00AM ESTQ266.76.86.6
L-Money Supply GrowthKR3:00AM ESTJun6.6N/A6.7N/A