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Oct 07, 2018 - Oct 13, 2018

Economic Events on Thu, Oct 111-78 of 78 results

EventCountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Industrial Output YYMY4:00AM ESTAug2.222.6-
Trade BalanceNL4:30AM ESTAug3.46-4.614.35
Inflation Ex-Tobacco MMFR6:45AM ESTSep-0.2-0.5-
CPI (EU Norm) Final MMFR6:45AM ESTSep-0.2-0.20.5-
CPI (EU Norm) Final YYFR6:45AM ESTSep2.52.52.5-
Industrial Prod Adj YYTR7:00AM ESTAug1.71.255.6-
Current Account BalanceTR7:00AM ESTAug2.592.5-1.75-
HICP Final YYES7:00AM ESTSep2.32.22.2-
CPI YY Final NSAES7:00AM ESTSep2.32.22.2-
Industrial Output YYSK7:00AM ESTAug2.12.522.2
CPI MM Final NSAES7:00AM ESTSep0.20.20.1-
HICP Final MMES7:00AM ESTSep0.60.60.6-
CPIF YYSE7:30AM ESTSep2.52.32.2-
CPIF MMSE7:30AM ESTSep0.50.4-0.2-
CPI YYSE7:30AM ESTSep2.32.22-
CPI MMSE7:30AM ESTSep0.50.3-0.2-
Unemployment Rate (Mth)GR9:00AM ESTJul19-19.119.1
Gold Production YYZA9:30AM ESTAug---15-
Mining Production YYZA9:30AM ESTAug--4-5.2-
CPI MMIE10:00AM ESTSep-0.4-0.3-
Exports - USDIL10:00AM ESTSep3277.7-42844510
Imports - USDIL10:00AM ESTSep5084.6-7017.5-
CPI YYPT10:00AM ESTSep1.4-1.4-
Trade Balance - USDIL10:00AM ESTSep-1806.9--2733.5-2507.5
CPI MMPT10:00AM ESTSep1.1-1.1-
CPI YYIE10:00AM ESTSep0.9-0.7-
HICP YYIE10:00AM ESTSep1.2-0.9-
HICP MMIE10:00AM ESTSep-0.3-0.3-
Manuf Production YYZA11:00AM ESTAug1.
Retail Sales MMBR12:00PM ESTAug1.30.3-0.5-0.1
Retail Sales YYBR12:00PM ESTAug4.11.5-1-
New Housing Price IndexCA12:30PM ESTAug00.10.1-
CPI YY, NSAUS12:30PM ESTSep2.32.42.7-
Core CPI Index, SAUS12:30PM ESTSep258.44-258.14-
Core CPI YY, NSAUS12:30PM ESTSep2.22.32.2-
CPI Index, NSAUS12:30PM ESTSep252.44252.69252.15-
Core CPI MM, SAUS12:30PM ESTSep--0.1-
Real Weekly Earnings MMUS12:30PM ESTSep0.20.10.1-
Initial Jobless ClaimsUS12:30PM EST-214206207-
Jobless Claims 4-Wk AvgUS12:30PM EST-209.5-207-
CPI MM, SAUS12:30PM ESTSep0.10.20.2-
Continued Jobless ClaimsUS12:30PM EST-1.661.661.651.66
Cbank Wkly ReservesRU1:00PM EST-459.2-461.1-
Budget FulfilmentRU1:00PM ESTSep3.5-3.1-
Cleveland Fed CPIUS3:00PM ESTSep0.2-0.1-
All Car SalesUS8:30PM ESTSep5.41-5.14-
All Truck SalesUS8:30PM ESTSep12.03-11.58-
Domestic Truck SalesUS9:00PM ESTSep9.639.49.37-
All Truck SalesUS9:00PM ESTSep12.03-11.58-
All Car SalesUS9:00PM ESTSep5.41-5.14-
Domestic Car SalesUS9:00PM ESTSep3.913.793.77-
Interest RatePE9:00PM ESTOct2.752.752.75-
Manufacturing PMINZ9:30PM ESTSep51.7-52-
Unemployment RateKR11:00PM ESTSep4-4.2-
RICS Housing SurveyGB11:01PM ESTSep-22-
Foreign Invest JP StockJP11:50PM EST-1578.4-835.7835.6
Foreign Bond InvestmentJP11:50PM EST--200.5-379.9380.8
M2 Money Supply YYCN12:00AM ESTSep-8.38.2-
GDP Flash QQSG12:00AM ESTQ34.74.90.61
Outstanding Loan GrowthCN12:00AM ESTSep-13.213.2-
Imports YYCN12:00AM ESTSep14.3152019.9
New Yuan LoansCN12:00AM ESTSep-13471280-
Exports YYCN12:00AM ESTSep14.
GDP Advance YYSG12:00AM ESTQ32.
Trade Balance USDCN12:00AM ESTSep31.6919.427.9127.89
EmploymentAU12:30AM ESTSep5.6154444.6
Housing FinanceAU12:30AM ESTAug-2.1-0.40
Participation RateAU12:30AM ESTSep65.465.765.7-
Invest Housing FinanceAU12:30AM ESTAug-1.1--1.3-
Unemployment RateAU12:30AM ESTSep55.35.3-
CPI YYCN1:30AM ESTSep-2.52.3-
PPI YYCN1:30AM ESTSep-3.54.1-
CPI MMCN1:30AM ESTSep-0.70.7-
GDP QQ SACN2:00AM ESTQ3-1.61.8-
GDP YYCN2:00AM ESTQ3-6.66.7-
Urban Investment (YTD)YYCN2:00AM ESTSep-5.35.3-
Industrial Output YYCN2:00AM ESTSep-66.1-
Retail Sales YYCN2:00AM ESTSep-99-