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Nov 04, 2018 - Nov 10, 2018

Economic Events on Tue, Nov 061-62 of 62 results

EventCountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
CPI YY NSANL5:30AM ESTOct2.1-1.9-
WPI Inflation YYIN6:30AM ESTOct-4.975.13-
Industrial Orders MMDE7:00AM ESTSep--2-
Headline Inflation YYSK8:00AM ESTOct2.52.62.7-
CPI MM SATW8:00AM ESTOct-0.16-0.14-
Foreign Trade BalanceSK8:00AM ESTSep436.8371.7-81.7-125.5
Trade BalanceCZ8:00AM ESTSep13.7142.3-0.7
Wholesale Price Index YYTW8:00AM ESTOct5.95-6.55-
GDP YY PrelimSK8:00AM ESTQ34.63.94.2-
CPI YY NSATW8:00AM ESTOct--1.72-
EU Norm Inflation YYSK8:00AM ESTOct2.52.72.7-
Core Inflation YYSK8:00AM ESTOct2.72.93-
Core Inflation MMSK8:00AM ESTOct0.10.20-
Industrial Output YYCZ8:00AM ESTSep--1.9-
Headline Inflation MMSK8:00AM ESTOct0.10.20.1-
Construction Output YYCZ8:00AM ESTSep12.4-11.9-
EU Norm Inflation MMSK8:00AM ESTOct0.10.20-
Industrial Output YYSK8:00AM ESTSep0.42.52.1-
Services PMIES8:15AM ESTOct--52.5-
New Orders Manuf. YYSE8:30AM ESTSep-0.4-22.6
Unemployment RateSK9:30AM ESTOct-5.235.4-
Producer Prices YYEU10:00AM ESTSep--4.2-
Producer Prices MMEU10:00AM ESTSep--0.3-
Markit Composite PMIBR12:00PM ESTOct50.5-47.3-
Markit Services PMIBR12:00PM ESTOct50.5-46.4-
Industrial Output YYIN12:00PM ESTSep-4.34.3-
CPI Inflation YYIN12:00PM ESTOct-3.653.77-
CPI YYRU1:00PM ESTOct3.53.63.4-
Unemployment RateSK1:00PM ESTOct5.25.235.4-
CPI MMRU1:00PM ESTOct0.40.40.2-
Building Permits MM.CA1:30PM ESTSep--0.4-
Redbook YYUS1:55PM EST-6.1-5.9-
Redbook MMUS1:55PM EST-0.1-0.1-
Gross Fixed Invest. YYMX2:00PM ESTAug--5-
Consumer ConfidenceMX2:00PM ESTOct103-101.7-
Consumer Confidence SAMX2:00PM ESTOct101.4-100.1-
Gross Fixed Invest. MMMX2:00PM ESTAug-3.4-1-
Fed Funds Target RateUS7:00PM ESTN/A22.122.12-
Industrial Output NSAAR7:00PM ESTSep-11.5--5.6-
Labour Cost Index - YYNZ9:45PM ESTQ31.91.92.1-
Labour Cost Index - QQNZ9:45PM ESTQ3--0.6-
HLFS Job Growth QQNZ9:45PM ESTQ31.10.50.5-
HLFS Participation RateNZ9:45PM ESTQ371.170.970.9-
HLFS Unemployment RateNZ9:45PM ESTQ3--4.5-
GDP QQ External DemandJP11:50PM ESTQ3-0.1-0.1-0.1-
GDP QQ Pvt Consmp PrelimJP11:50PM ESTQ3-0.1-0.20.7-
GDP QQ Capital Expend.JP11:50PM ESTQ3-0.2-3.1-
Foreign ReservesJP11:50PM ESTOct1252.9-1259.7-
GDP QQ AnnualisedJP11:50PM ESTQ3-1.2-13-
GDP QQJP11:50PM ESTQ3-0.3-
Forex Reserves USDPH12:00AM ESTOct74.77-75.1674.94
NBP Base RatePL12:00AM ESTNov--1.5-
CPI MMUA12:00AM ESTOct1.71.31.9-
Overtime PayJP12:00AM ESTSep0.4-1-
Forex ReservesID12:00AM ESTOct115.2-114.8-
GDP YYUA12:00AM ESTQ32.83.13.8-
FX Reserve - USDIL12:00AM ESTOct113911-115459115458
Exports YYPH1:00AM ESTSep-2.6-3.1-
Trade Balance USDPH1:00AM ESTSep-3927--3513-
Imports YYPH1:00AM ESTSep26.1-11-
RBA Cash RateAU3:30AM ESTNov1.51.51.5-
Industrial Output YYMY4:00AM ESTSep2.32.22.2-