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Oct 18, 2020 - Oct 24, 2020

Economic Events on Fri, Oct 231-31 of 31 results

CountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Consumer Price Index YY
SG5:00AM ESTSep--0.25-0.4-
Industrial Output YY
LT6:00AM ESTSep--0.7-
Retail Sales Ex-Fuel MM*
GB6:00AM ESTSep-0.50.6-
Retail Sales Ex-Fuel YY*
GB6:00AM ESTSep-54.3-
Industrial Output MM
LT6:00AM ESTSep--2.3-
Retail Sales MM*
GB6:00AM ESTSep-0.40.8-
Retail Sales YY*
GB6:00AM ESTSep-3.72.8-
Ind Prod YY*
AT7:00AM ESTAug---4.4-
SE7:30AM ESTSep---4.6-
SE7:30AM ESTSep---0.2-
Unemployment Rate
PL8:00AM ESTSep-6.16.1-
Industrial Output YY*
TW8:00AM ESTSep--4.7-
Money Supply*
TW8:20AM ESTSep--6.69-
Retail Sales MM
MX11:00AM ESTAug-3.55.5-
FGV Consumer Conf*
BR11:00AM ESTOct--83.4-
Retail Sales YY
MX11:00AM ESTAug--9.7-12.5-
FX Reserves, USD*
IN11:30AM EST---551.51-
Foreign Direct Investm't*
BR12:30PM ESTSep-2.11.43-
Current Account*
BR12:30PM ESTSep-33.72-
Leading Indicator
BE1:00PM ESTOct--11.5-10.8-
Markit Comp Flash PMI
US1:45PM ESTOct--54.3-
IPCA-15 Mid-Month CPI*
BR2:00PM ESTOct-0.810.45-
IPCA-15 Mid-Month CPI YY*
BR2:00PM ESTOct-3.42.65-
USDA-Cattle Marketed
US7:00PM ESTSep-105.897-
USDA-Cattle On Feed
US7:00PM ESTOct-103.2104-
USDA-Cattle Placed On Fd
US7:00PM ESTSep-102.5109-
BH12:00AM ESTSep--0.3-
M2 Money Supply*
BH12:00AM ESTAug--11.2-
Current Account*
EG12:00AM ESTQ2---2764.7-
BH12:00AM ESTSep---3.6-
Budget Balance*
PH12:00AM ESTSep---40.1-