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Apr 04, 2021 - Apr 10, 2021

Economic Events on Fri, Apr 091-82 of 82 results

CountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Consumer Conf Index*
ID4:00AM ESTMar93.4-85.8-
Industrial Output YY
MY4:00AM ESTFeb1.521.2-
Manufacturing Output MM
NL4:30AM ESTFeb-2.5-2.42.3
Foreign Trade Balance*
EE5:00AM ESTFeb-73--117.7-120.7
Industrial Prod YY*
EE5:00AM ESTFeb-8.9-0.9-0.2
Industrial Prod MM*
EE5:00AM ESTFeb0.1--1.5-2.6
Industry Output YY
FI5:00AM ESTFeb5.5-0.9-0.4
Unemployment Rate Unadj
CH5:45AM ESTMar3.43.63.6-
Unemployment Rate Adj
CH5:45AM ESTMar3.
Imports MM SA*
DE6:00AM ESTFeb3.62.4-4.7-3.5
Industrial Output MM*
DE6:00AM ESTFeb-1.61.5-2.5-2
Trade Balance*
DK6:00AM ESTFeb14-14.715.7
Foreign Trade*
LT6:00AM ESTFeb0-0.110.1
Consumer Price Index MM
NO6:00AM ESTMar-0.3-0.7-
Trade Balance
RO6:00AM ESTFeb-1.89--1.19-
Consumer Price Index MM*
LT6:00AM ESTMar1-0.2-
Consumer Price Index YY*
LT6:00AM ESTMar1.6-0.6-
Current Account
DK6:00AM ESTFeb16.5-16.818
Gross $Gold & Forex Res*
ZA6:00AM ESTMar52.99-53.79-
Exports MM SA*
DE6:00AM ESTFeb0.911.41.6
Trade Balance, EUR, SA*
DE6:00AM ESTFeb19.12022.221.2
Core Inflation YY
NO6:00AM ESTMar2.72.72.7-
Core Inflation MM
NO6:00AM ESTMar0.3-0.4-
Producer Price Index YY
NO6:00AM ESTMar18.4-9.7-
Consumer Price Index YY
NO6:00AM ESTMar3.13.53.3-
Net $Gold & Forex Res*
ZA6:00AM ESTMar50.88-51.58-
Industrial Output MM
FR6:45AM ESTFeb-
Retail Sales YY
HU7:00AM ESTFeb-5.9--1.8-1.9
HU7:00AM ESTMar3.944.1-
Foreign Trade Balance*
SK7:00AM ESTFeb398.5251.2241.2258.9
Industrial Output YY*
SK7:00AM ESTFeb1-1-3.9-
HU7:00AM ESTMar3.73.73.1-
Ind Output Cal Adj YY
ES7:00AM ESTFeb-2.1-1.3-2.2-2.3
Halifax House Prices MM*
GB7:30AM ESTMar1.1--0.10
Retail Sales NSA YY*
IT8:00AM ESTFeb-5.7--6.8-6.7
Retail Sales SA MM*
IT8:00AM ESTFeb6.6--3-2.7
Imports of Goods*
TW8:00AM ESTMar2712.15.7-
Trade Balance*
TW8:00AM ESTMar3.664.564.51-
Exports of Goods*
TW8:00AM ESTMar27.117.49.7-
FX Reserves*
HK8:30AM ESTMar491.3-495.9495.7
GR9:00AM ESTMar-1.6-1.1-1.3-
Industrial Output YY*
GR9:00AM ESTFeb4.4-3.43.5
Harmonised CPI YY*
GR9:00AM ESTMar-2-1.6-1.9-
Budget Balance*
HU9:00AM ESTMar-604.4--738-
LV10:00AM ESTMar0.8-0.4-
LV10:00AM ESTMar0.3--0.2-
Global Trade Balance*
PT10:00AM ESTFeb-2.98--3.1-
Bank Loan Growth*
IN11:30AM EST-5.6-6.5-
Deposit Growth*
IN11:30AM EST-11.4-12.1-
Industrial Output MM
MX12:00PM ESTFeb0.4-0.50.2-
IPCA Inflation Index MM
BR12:00PM ESTMar0.931.030.86-
Industrial Output YY
MX12:00PM ESTFeb-4.5-5.6-4.9-
IPCA Inflation Index YY
BR12:00PM ESTMar6.16.25.2-
PPI Final Demand YY*
US12:30PM ESTMar4.23.82.8-
Participation Rate*
CA12:30PM ESTMar65.2-64.7-
PPI exFood/Energy YY*
US12:30PM ESTMar3.12.72.5-
PPI ex Food/Energy/Tr YY*
US12:30PM ESTMar3.1-2.2-
Employment Change *
CA12:30PM ESTMar303.1100259.2-
PPI ex Food/Energy/Tr MM*
US12:30PM ESTMar0.6-0.2-
PPI exFood/Energy MM*
US12:30PM ESTMar0.70.20.2-
PPI Final Demand MM*
US12:30PM ESTMar10.50.5-
Full Time Employment Chng SA*
CA12:30PM ESTMar175.4-88.2-
Part Time Employment Chng SA*
CA12:30PM ESTMar127.8-171-
Unemployment Rate*
CA12:30PM ESTMar7.588.2-
Foreign Trade*
RU1:00PM ESTFeb8.319.88.939.33
Wholesale Sales MM *
US2:00PM ESTFeb-0.8-4.94.4
Wholesale Invt(y), R MM *
US2:00PM ESTFeb0.60.50.5-
WSD-Soybn Endstocks 20/21
US4:00PM ESTApr120119120-
WSD-Beef Output 2021
US4:00PM ESTApr27.71-27.65-
WSD-Corn Endstocks 20/21
US4:00PM ESTApr1.351.41.5-
WSD-Soybean Output 20/21
US4:00PM ESTApr4.14-4.14-
WSD-Wheat Endstocks 20/21
US4:00PM ESTApr0.850.850.84-
Fla Orange Output 20/21 *
US4:00PM ESTApr51.7-55.5-
WSD-Pork Output 2021
US4:00PM ESTApr28.29-28.69-
WSD-Cottn Endstocks 20/21
US4:00PM ESTApr3.9-4.2-
WSD-Corn Output 20/21
US4:00PM ESTApr14.18-14.18-
WSD-Wheat Output 20/21
US4:00PM ESTApr1.83-1.83-
WSD-Cotton Output 20/21
US4:00PM ESTApr14.7-14.7-
AE12:00AM ESTFeb--0.15-
REPO Rate*
MU12:00AM ESTQ2--1.85-
AE12:00AM ESTFeb---1.86-
Forex Reserves USD*
PH12:00AM ESTMar--109.08-