Digital Asset Management Service E-Gates Debuts Flagship Products at Techchill Conference

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VILNIUS, Lithuania - (NewMediaWire) - July 6, 2023 - E-Gates, a Lithuanian startup developing a comprehensive fintech platform for traditional and decentralized assets, has debuted its core products. The four products were unveiled at the Techchill international conference that brings together key tech players in the Baltic states.

At the Techchill conference on April 27-28, E-Gates presented the company's first four products that are now available to global businesses. These comprise Auto KYC by PassMe, an automated AML and KYC solution; Payment Gateway which supports over 100 fiat and digital currencies; E-Gates Wallet, a non-custodial solution for web3 asset management; and ChainGates Bridge for conducting cross-chain swaps.

E-Gates also allows new development teams to quickly enter a well-coordinated ecosystem and harness the GET utility token as a means to reward users and drive customer loyalty.

E-Gates CFO Georgiy Andreev said: "E-Gates is a single ecosystem that unites a chain of important fintech solutions for modern business. We have created a suite of products that can be used by large and small companies, integrating and popularizing payments in cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, quickly verifying their customers and thus facilitating the connection between the digital and real world."

The company's fintech solutions are designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of businesses operating in a modern digital environment. The E-Gates platform combines decentralized and centralized financial asset management tools and accelerates entry into the digital asset market.

E-Gates supports seamless integration of decentralized and centralized systems, freeing businesses from the need to run multiple SaaS systems. Its unified ecosystem solves two key challenges faced by fintechs: general regulation of cryptocurrencies and protection of consumers and business owners.

Through working closely with key players within the blockchain and traditional finance industries, E-Gates aims to integrate its solution into a broad range of service providers. This includes crypto exchanges, banks, e-commerce platforms, and fintech startups.

Georgiy Andreev added: "The efficiency of any business today lies in the interaction and interpenetration of the web2 and web3 worlds. E-Gates is creating a single native ecosystem of centralized and decentralized fintech products to meet the needs of businesses and their customers at all levels. These products make it easier for businesses to enter the digital asset market, adapt, and capitalize on the advantages of having exposure to digital assets in all their forms."

About E-Gates

E-Gates is a fintech services provider. Based in Lithuania, the company specializes in providing tools for managing traditional and decentralized financial assets. From KYC and AML management to currency conversion and cross-chain transfers, E-Gates provides a comprehensive framework for interacting with web3 services in a compliant manner while minimizing operational costs.

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