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Explore the Exciting World of Offshore Investments With the Einvestment Fund

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Asset prices show positive changes. Among the key factors that can have the greatest impact on the market are mass vaccination, the economy and employment recovery, and the timeline of trade wars and sanctions. Furthermore, Covid-19 accelerated both ESG transformation of corporations and financial institutions and of the growth of the e-commerce market, food retail, ecosystems, green energy, and AI technologies. To reap the benefits of surged asset prices and maximize their income, many people look for reliable broadly-diversified investment opportunities with high returns.

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Einvestment provides a selection of superior investment products built to deliver monthly income in line with investor’s risk tolerance. The combination of rich experience and a well-researched approach based on advanced technologies and “on the ground” knowledge of top-performing sectors allows the Einvestment team to achieve investors’ financial goals and meet their expectations from wealth management products. The Fund’s main priority is to maintain the safety and security of its clients' assets, the convenience of investing, and portfolio growth.

What Does Einvestment Offer?

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One of the biggest advantages of offshore allocation with Einvestment is fees policy. There are no subscription and annual or account keeping fees. As a result, clients do not need to pay extra fees before they receive income distributions. Fund’s performance is driven by the team’s expertise: Einvestment gathered senior industry professionals from companies with world-famous names in the financial industry.

Based on personal preference and risk management, clients can choose between:

  • Extra-High Yield Portfolio: It focuses on Digital Assets and Highly Volatile industries, covering under-rated or undervalued securities. Although it involves some risks, such portfolios offer additional earning prospects. The offer shows a high potential for profitability. Digital Assets are supposed to grow by $6 billion by 2025. Only in 2020, its worth was more than $3 billion despite the pandemic. On average, an Extra-High Yield portfolio provides up to 19% of returns monthly.

Sustainable Growth Portfolio: It focuses on the AI, Robotics, Green Energy, IT and Health Care industry. Managers analyze and choose only rapidly growing IT sectors, which guarantee a higher return in the long and even short terms. Figures prove the fact: the IT industry is planned to develop by $350 billion by 2025. Sustainable Growth Segregated Portfolio gives the opportunity to build a conservative investment portfolio to generate risk-adjusted returns. Besides, its risk level is low-to-moderate, considering that less than 10% are allocated to SmallCap and high-volatile securities.

With Einvestment, you can invest offshore to get more from your savings. The Fund’s investment products are built to diversify your portfolio by region, asset class, currency and sector. Active monitoring and periodical rebalancing serve to adjust the risk and achieve portfolio objective.

To facilitate the investment process for clients, Einvestment designed simple onboarding and authorization processes. Individuals can set up an account, complete automated identity verification procedure, and start investing. Moreover, the platform customizes its offers to meet the needs of all clients. For example, it offers retirement planning solutions with lower performance fees. Such solutions focus on long-term stable income for its clients, which guarantees comfort and stability.

The platform has generated over 300% net profit since its inception in 2018 according to historical performance reports. Einvestment keeps harnessing opportunities to drive financial growth and prosperity for its clients. Would you like to join the club? (Image Source: www.einvestment.com).