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A Big Step For BitMart & Uberstate

·5 min read

A lot is happening within the crypto community, particularly with the mainstream adoption of digital asset trading. The advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies has paved the way for the creation of several related technologies and platforms. Interestingly, the pandemic had a role to play in the expedited adoption of crypto-based systems, and it is safe to say that the future of tech that was talked about some years ago, was brought to us; perhaps, we have the pandemic to thank for that.

Back in 2018, an exchange platform was launched by BitMart, and in three years, the platform has successfully built a solid team, with a supportive community of more than 400,000 BitMart users in different parts of the world. Furthermore, users of the platform have access to trade more than 18 crypto pairs, with new coins getting listed weekly.

Things are looking up for the platform and community, and there are indications that they have it all figured out; it is due the smart work that the team has put into making BitMart what it is becoming today. The BitMart platform consists of professionals from different industries in different parts of the world including the United States, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, India, and Japan.

Just recently the platform got advertised on one of the most popular LED video display advertising space in the world - the NASDAQ tower’s display that sits beautifully in Times Square, New York City. A little insight into that display advert platform reveals that it is used for the celebration of milestones achieved by big corporations, and advertising BitMart on the display is indicative of the fact that BitMart is doing something right, and are on the path to building a high level of trust within the crypto community and market.

It is important to note that trust is an important criterion to consider if the crypto community is going to move for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, and that is one of the things that BitMart has taken into cognizance.

BitMart & Uberstate Exchange Listing

Most recently BitMart announced listing of Uberstate RIT 2.0 on the digital assets platform. The event happened between 19th April, 2021 and 21st April, 2021.

About Uberstate

If you are looking to build a future where financial stability and economic independence are priorities, then you may want to consider a wealth planning service, and that is one of the amazing features of Uberstate; it is all that and so much more for interested persons, and everyone should be interested.

Uberstate was designed to function as a platform to help people manage their wealth, and it also makes it easy for users to monitor and track their crypto investments across different platforms. There is a mobile app that allows users to perform different operations even while on the move.

Uberstate’s Features

If you are looking for a platform or application that gives you amazing options that will help you through your journey into the world of crypto investments and decentralized finance (DeFi), then Uberstate is just the right option for you, and here are some features that will attract and help you get the financial goals that you desire:

  • OTC Markets

Navigating through crypto markets can be a daunting task, especially when you have different crypto investments; it can also be difficult for beginners who may not know their way around crypto markets. With the OTC market feature, users can deal with liquidity without having to bother about the limits that come with traditional exchanges. The OTC market feature is an over-the-counter framework that is automated to provide users with the best market prices without paying attention to the digital asset that is being used for the trade.

  • Banking (Personal and Business)

The platform comes with a banking feature that allows users perform Ethereum blockchain-based banking via Uberstate’s RIT system. It makes it convenient for users to perform banking transactions.

  • Mining Wallet

With the ME wallet, it makes it easy for you to store and manage your crypto assets. Interestingly, holders of the wallet will get returns on their crypto investments, and the returns will be spaced out daily to amount to 12% yearly. Furthermore, you are in total control of your assets, and there is the option of access to liquidity

  • Micro Funds

With micro-funds, users are able to make use of the short and long-term options to perform digital forex transactions. It makes it easy for users to get optimum trading strategies based on the activities of the professional traders on the platform. With the full liquidity options, users can use their money as they please; they have access to their funds.

  • RIT and Listing

The functionality of the platform on the Ethereum blockchain is possible through the use of the platform’s currency RIT. The RIT token provides users with the capitalization needed to stake funds and invest comfortably. It also comes with other amazing benefits for users who are looking to build their portfolios within the crypto real estate markets.

Uberstate NFT

There has been an increased interest in NFTs within and outside the crypto space, and Uberstate is looking to be a part of the NFT marketplace, via the DREAM platform where users can own real estates and properties. Furthermore, users can buy or sell real estate through the NFT platform, as well as track ownership of the properties.

Uberstate Card

One problem of a lot of crypto-based systems is that they do not allow people to use them daily, due to the unavailability of card-based systems like traditional credit/debit cards. With Uberstate’s partnership with Ternio, there is a crypto card that will allow users to perform daily transactions with their cards, just like people do with credit cards. You can use the card at online retail outlets, PoS terminals, as well as on Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. Whenever you use the cards, the platform performs a conversion of your crypto into the cash needed to make the payments needed for the purchase.

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