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Exclusive: BT's New Album 'Metaversal' is a Blockchain-Based Musical Puzzle Containing Unlockable NFTs

You won’t be able to listen to BT’s new album ‘Metaversal’ on streaming services – because it changes based on the time of day. Instead, the record will be experienced through a blockchain-based decentralized application (dApp) accessible online starting tomorrow evening.

‘Metaversal’ will blur the line between music, computer science and cryptography with surgical precision creating a novel artistic experience. Listeners will race to solve cryptographic puzzles riddled within the music. Using hints from smart contract code, discord, twitter and elsewhere, the 1st person to solve each of the 33 puzzles will be able to mint a one-of-one NFT that doubles as a utility token.

BT couldn’t tell us the utility without giving it away, but said it would be obvious once minted. He also gave us a few hints which we’ll share in an upcoming article.

According to the exclusive press release, “Metaversal is both an audio-visual playback engine and software cipher. In the Metaversal engine, audio-reactive art is woven together with cryptographic riddles that fans can play to win 33 unique, super rare, secret, encrypted one-of-one NFT’s. Metaversal is a cryptographic treasure hunt.”

BT is an EDM artist that is also classically trained. He cites Da Vinci and Bach as inspirations for his inclusion of musical encryption easter eggs, which BT has done since his very 1st album.

Alongside the blockchain based application, “Metaversal is being released as a tiered auction on Origin Protocol’s NFT Launchpad on September 29th, 2021 - with 11 spots to be filled - but any and all who want to participate in the solving of Metaversal, are able to do so.”

The singular top tier package will include the rights to the Metaversal engine, which contains over 200,000 lines of code. The subsequent 3 tiers will include a mysterious “golden ticket,” and all 11 spots will come with a unique sculpture, 11 NFTs and a bespoke vinyl box-set.

The Origin Protocol was launched in 2017 with a focus on bringing NFTs and DeFi to the mainstream. Origin’s NFT launchpad allows creators like BT to break the mold and create revolutionary art pieces using the blockchain.

BT created this album to showcase the potential of blockchain and NFTs as much as his musical talent, “Metaversal is more of an experience than an album. It is the culmination of a life obsessed with subtext and hidden meaning in everything from artistic works to music and nature. The thru line of my greatest passions, music, math, art, and encrypted design weave together into a beautiful and intentional tapestry.

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