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Mentorship Platform TrendUp Seamlessly Transits From a Face-to-Face Program To a Virtual Setup, Developing Top Talent for the Finance Industry

New York City, NY, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In today’s competitive world, financial literacy is an extremely important aspect of one’s life. With the pandemic disrupting the global economy, the ability to make intelligent financial investments becomes paramount. However, the financial know-how needed to achieve good risk-adjusted returns is not well known and is not even taught in Finance courses in most universities. The United States-based financial education and mentorship platform, TrendUp Finance, has provided high-quality counsel to university students and finance industry professionals since 2015. However, with the pandemic demanding an adaptation to unforeseen circumstances, TrendUp has now seamlessly transitioned from a face-to-face offering to a virtual setup, while still identifying and developing the best future minds in Finance.

About TrendUp

TrendUp was started by an international group of young, successful hedge fund professionals with a desire to identify and mentor the best future minds in investing. It features an advanced education and mentorship program that aims to scout and build a talent pipeline into the Hedge Fund Industry. Over the last five years, TrendUp has mentored 150+ participants from 5+ countries and about 10 cities worldwide, with backgrounds ranging from undergraduate and graduate students to working-professionals in fields from Business to Engineering or Medicine.

Elaborating on the mission of TrendUp and how the virtual setup has worked in its favor, CEO Alex B. Liberfield commented, “The reality is that breaking into Finance, and especially landing a job at a hedge fund and other buy-side firms, is very challenging for most people because they lack the connections to help them get some experience in the field. Our mission is to level the playing field and make sure that talented candidates anywhere can get exposure and get noticed. Going online has allowed us to not only reach potential talent wherever they are but also build a stronger community by casting a wider net. Moving ahead, we want to treat all our participants as partners so we can work together to enable a global community of exceptional investors.”

TrendUp in context of COVID-19

Heading into 2020, TrendUp was still an in-person training program mainly targeting students at elite universities around the world. However, once the pandemic started gaining strength and lockdowns became a norm, it could not continue its services in a physical set up. Despite these unforeseen challenges, the team was able to develop an online program that mimicked the F2F experience, delivering the same high quality program. In fact, as it often happens in times of crisis, the situation turned out to be a blessing in disguise: TrendUp was able to scale internationally, work with global talent pools and reach a much more diverse audience. This helped the firm discover untapped talent that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. In this vein, and taking into account the effect of the pandemic on the job market for many young professionals, TrendUp has subsidized its program cost to a great extent, enabling students from a range of financial backgrounds to participate in the TrendUp Now program. This has given an opportunity to talented students of multiple backgrounds to learn the art of hedge fund level investment strategies, while networking with industry professionals. This has allowed TrendUp to provide superior opportunities to young aspiring professionals to explore fresh avenues in their career. TrendUp, in conjunction with its partnering investment funds, has already been able to offer internships to the top third participants of the first online cohort. In fact, a few of these participants have already landed high-paying jobs in the finance industry, despite the challenging 2020 job market. Furthermore, TrendUp students have already been able to publish their equity research on prominent platforms like Seeking Alpha and CNBC before even graduating from the program, thus increasing their experience and employability after only a few weeks.

The Road Ahead

Since the launch of its online platform in May 2020, TrendUp has already expanded to the East and West coasts partly due to their team of exceptional student Brand Ambassadors at colleges such as the University of Southern California, Boston University, New York University, and the University of California San Diego. Moving ahead, the company is looking forward to expanding to more Universities across the United States and into other international locations. The company’s goal is to make sure talented individuals can get a shot at a career in high Finance, wherever they come from.

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