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New Solutions in the Crypto Industry from the DBX Platform - Simplicity, Speed, And Confidentiality

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TALLIN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / July 6, 2021 / DBX platform has announced the new solution to enable people's confidentiality. DBX is the first decentralized hybrid digital platform in the world where the user's interests are in the first place: easiness, speed, confidentiality are provided due to a wide range of instruments: from PoS Consensus and masternodes to viability in the DeFi world.

The platform is equipped with the new generation zDBX (upgraded Zerocoin protocol) and QARK algorithms that provide security and confidentiality. ERC-20 protocol is integrated into the DBX ecosystem for increasing the communication of assets in the digital space.

'The forecast on immediate prospects shows that the interest in digital assets is only growing, together with the impact of external factors: regulators, hype projects, speculations. People are still not pleased with the speed, eco-friendliness, and security of dealing with assets in the digital ecosystem'.

DBX technologies provide simple access with minimum energy consumption and high speed of transactions, which is 10 seconds after the platform users deal with the services of individual and business infrastructure:

  • crypto АТМ service;

  • card processing;

  • marketplace and e-commerce;

  • Investment instruments for working in the financial market with the possibility of diversification within the system, as well as systems of safe smart investments;

  • B2B, C2C, B2C payment systems;

  • cyber games, digital media, media entertainment;

  • neural network for working with large amounts of information.

For a stable and transparent economic model our team has developed a system for strengthening the assets:

BitForex listing resulted by IEO is planned from 01 to 10 September, as well as a number of events:

  • 11-20 July - Starfall 1 (Airdrop)

  • 21-30 July - PRE-SALE Round 1

  • 01-10 August - STARFALL 2 (Airdrop)

  • 11-20 August - PRE-SALE Round 2

  • 21-30 August - STARFALL 3 (Airdrop)

  • 01-10 September - IEO Bitforex

Asset allocation between the members of the ecosystem for guarantying stability and promoting the principles of decentralization.

Every 60 seconds the platform launches 6 new DBX coins, 5 of which are sent as rewards to masternodes and staking, and 1 DBX is sent to the reserve of the superblock, which is meant for the development of the system.

The uniqueness of the DBX platform is that it uses a pool checkpoint system, which enables the use of much less computing power with the opportunity to save more coins.

Ultimately, the official goal of DBX is to unite business, investors, and users into one safe and transparent infrastructure with developed services to meet the everyday needs of users: payments, entertainment, services, access to information via Mass Media, profit from the interaction with the platform (investments, dealing with real estate, partner program).

'Currently the system desperately needs to increase transparency, security, and full confidentiality of dealing with crypto assets, decreasing the speed of transactions and energy consumption. A new generation of users, increased level of hacker attacks, and restrictions imposed by regulators are the tendency of our days. Users of crypto industry seek simple and secure management of their digital assets which completely corresponds to the goals of the DBX ecosystem.

DBX is a digital eco platform under the Turkish Jurisdiction. It has affiliate structures in Europe (getting crypto license), Hong Kong, Panama by June 2021. Legal entities under jurisdiction are planned to be registered in Russia and UAE. Now the DBX digital ecosystem has about 100 partners in the form of ICO-projects, financial companies and banks, payment systems, online shops, as well as trade and service enterprises (shops, cafes, fitness clubs, service enterprises, etc.

DBX Team announces that due to the technologies of zDBX (Zerocoin), Qark, ERC 20, RSA-2018 encryption, integrations of a hybrid blockchain, the users get freedom of managing assets, extremely fast transactions, diversification on investments (due to the tools of the ecosystem), full confidentiality when mining coins without aligning the blocks to the user data, some of the lowest commissions.

Media Contact

Company: DBX Global Crypto Network OÜ
Contact: Igor Zakharov, Managing Partner
E-mail: cryptonetwork@dbx.so
Website: https://www.dbx.so/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dbxecosystem/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dbx_network

SOURCE: DBX Global Crypto Network OÜ

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