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How This Top Career Development Company, Black on the Job, Poured Over $10M Into the Black Community Globally, Raising the Black Narrative One Career at a Time.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2020 / Cyntoni Miller, an African American female entrepreneur from Compton, California, and Saidou Diallo, an African male entrepreneur from Senegal, West Africa are the founders of Black On The Job. Black On The Job (BOTJ, for short) is an online business community with approximately 70,000 members from all around the world. They are devoted to the advancement of black people in the workplace.

Racial inequality has long been the bane of the Black community. Historically wide disparities in how Black people are treated in the workplace and passed over for chances at advancement birthed the vision of a community dedicated to balancing the scales.

In June 2018, Miller and Diallo and their team got to work on making this vision a reality. A study conducted by the Center for American Progress in 2018 showed that Black people are overrepresented in some of the lowest-paying industries in the US. Occupational segregation and exploitation of the Black community, even though unconstitutional, continues unabated. The myriad of socio-economic problems in the Black community stemming from systemic inequality spurred Miller and Diallo into action. Their hand-picked team of the best and brightest hail from Black communities all over the world and is made up of highly skilled people in different areas of career development. They are united in the same vision to aid Black people globally in achieving their socio-economic goals through securing their dream jobs. BOTJ's main office is located in Arizona, however, the community has branches in Florida, Chicago, and outside the U.S. - all the way to Senegal, Nairobi, and Nigeria. "We're hoping to expand to the UK and Canada, and eventually more countries to reach out to Black communities all around the world," Miller and Diallo say.

Cyntoni Miller, Chief Executive Officer

Saidou Diallo, Chief Operating Officer

In their quest to make their services available to their target community, BOTJ offers very pocket-friendly services with astounding results. Their rates are at only thirty percent of the current market value. This means that for only $25, clients get a full and comprehensive resume review, complete with detailed notes on specialty areas to improve and how to improve them. For an additional $150-$250, an executive resume review is handled by one of their highly-trained resume writers. They offer other budget-friendly services such as career coaching, LinkedIn overhaul, interview preparation services, and more - all carefully designed to aid Black people in closing the socio-economic gap. However, their prices aren't only what sets them apart from other career management outlets - "We make sure that we consciously remain a mirror in our community. All our staff members are from the Black community, and we connect our clients to form a great and lasting support system," Miller and Diallo say, "We have a Facebook group where people post their "I got the job!" stories and where we post free resources such as sample resumes, thank you letters, cover letters, resignation letters, and more. We make sure that our clients continue to be supported long after they have received their initial services."

After the completion of any of their services, BOTJ continues to follow-up with their clients to make sure that they stay abreast of their progress. On top of this, Miller and Diallo make sure that the on-boarding process for the BOTJ team is thorough and streamlined so that their clients are assured of only the best. "At Black On The Job, we provide a 6-week intensive training for all our staff before they can complete the hiring process. Within those 6 weeks, they go through a rigorous learning process complete with periodic tests of their skill progress. They are then paired and shadowed before they're officially onboarded," Diallo shared. With their meticulous onboarding process, Miller and Diallo hope to build a team that is proficient and continues to live up to the company's mission. "I love my staff. At the end of the day, we are all very tight-knit. We all love what we do because we can constantly see the direct impact we're making in our community," Miller says.

Even with the ongoing pandemic, Black On The Job continues to thrive. When asked if there are any challenges that their team is facing, Miller and Diallo shared, "As a matter of fact, we brought in 5 new members during COVID and connected everyone. Members are protected during the pandemic, and we haven't slowed down the "I got the job!" posts in the slightest bit.".

In addition to their lower-cost services, Black On The Job also offers payment plans for members of the Black community looking to achieve their "I got the job!" goals. To find out more about Cyntoni Miller and Saidou Diallo and their company, Black On The Job, check the links below!

Instagram Name: @blackonthejob


Written By: Alya Putri

Media Contact:
Client Relations Team

SOURCE: Black On The Job

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