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Pollution & Treatment Controls

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SymbolCompanyPrice (Intraday)Change% ChangeVolumeAvg Vol (3 month)Market CapPE Ratio (TTM)52 Week Range
FSSFederal Signal Corporation 18.31 0.05 0.27% 206,281265,8871.095B29.97
CCCCalgon Carbon Corporation 16.15 0.20 1.25% 209,235334,407819.612M89.72
ERIIEnergy Recovery, Inc. 7.80 0.31 4.14% 293,569352,665420.695M165.96
HCCIHeritage-Crystal Clean, Inc 16.10 -0.05 -0.31% 63,20149,384362.699M29.38
CECECECO Environmental Corp. 9.92 0.13 1.33% 115,706166,511343.24MN/A