One of the Best Job Portals in India

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Job portals have seen a tremendous rise in the country both in their utility and popularity. A major reason for this boom can be considered to be the rising unemployment rates in the country and the seemingly bleak future of the hiring sector to come.

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As a job portal, Jobaaj has stood out to be one of the top 5 job portals operating in the country right now.

As a matter of fact, if the job portals specifically related to the finance and accounting sectors are taken into account, then Jobaaj comes at the top of the hierarchy, being the best platforms for both job seekers and recruiters in the said field.

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Let’s dive into the details of how Jobaaj acts as a job portal and what makes it one of the best job portals of the country.

About Jobaaj

Jobaaj is a job portal as well as a job consulting firm with core competency in the accounting and finance field (Chartered Accountants, Certified Financial Accountants, Company Secretaries, Certified Public Accountants, Cost & Work Accountants, MBAs (Finance), Lawyers, etc.)

Thriving under the mentorship and guidance of CA Aaditya Jain who is considered to be one of the best faculty for CA final Strategic Financial Management (SFM), and under the leadership of the managing director CA Saksham Agarwal a qualified Chartered accountant holding numerous certifications from various SEBI established institutes, Jobaaj has come a long way since its inception and has helped more than 10 lakh students in its wake.

A big part of it was due to the fact that the very people behind it are those who have already been in the teaching and training fields associated with finance and accounting for many years and thus they bring massive and valuable experience to the table.

Jobaaj’s Role in Providing Job Assistance

A venture made out of a vision, the aim behind Jobaaj was to bridge the gap between the talent and the available opportunities in the market.

A concern that was prominent in the minds of the Jobaaj founders before its inception was that even after the presence of so many job opportunities in the market, individuals are still struggling with finding the right opportunities that might be appropriate to their own specific skill set and experience.

Also, a large portion of graduates and professional degree holders are losing out in the job competition simply because they lack the practical knowledge and exposure required to actually crack an interview and secure a job. The focus on only theoretical concepts in the general curriculum plays a major factor in this.

Jobaaj via its edutech arm Jobaaj Learnings helps students and individuals in overcoming these problems by assisting them in the most important and practical aspects of their training process. Mock interviews, assistance for clearing selection rounds, resume optimization, these are some of the aspects of Jobaaj which help individuals overcome the impediments of the common curriculum and rise up to meet the challenges of the corporate world.

As a job portal Jobaaj has made great strides in the field of job assistance with its job services that have assisted many people in landing their dream jobs.

Some of Jobaaj’s services like its Resume-pro service are extremely helpful for students and job seekers who are not completely sure about their skill set or the way their resume can be. Being ATS friendly is another factor which is deeply associated with a resume that is more likely to be shortlisted by companies who employ ATS techniques to screen their applicants.

It is just an example of the kind of issues that job seekers generally face and whose solutions have been optimized by this company in its approach to make the job seeking journey for the students, a little easier!

Parameters of ranking the job portal of India

Jobaaj is one of the best job portal in India specifically in the finance and accounting sectors. Some of the parameters on which this statistic is determined are listed as below:


As a job portal, Jobaaj’s extensive range of services coupled with their out of the box utility and their need makes it stand out from all the other job portals of India.

Not only does Jobaaj helps in creating a platform of mutual communication between recruiters and prospective job seekers but it also provides services which might help the said job seekers in landing their dream jobs in their dream roles.


An important parameter to judge upon, an efficient and organized work flow and an effective communication proximity with the job seekers makes it a very efficient and customer-oriented platform.

According to the responses and feedbacks generated from the various users having availed and benefitted from the services of Jobaaj, it is clear that Jobaaj scores high when it comes to efficiently executing the job assistance services and providing maximum value to its users by being in constant touch with the users and helping them reach their job goals.

Response Time

Practically built upon the foundations of student welfare and helping students achieve their financial freedom goals, Jobaaj’s feedback includes high plaudits about its instantaneous response time and its executives’ ready-to-go helping attitude.

It is a testament to the fact that true concern is met by punctuality and this holds very true in the case of Jobaaj.

Taking all these factors into consideration and comparing them with all the other job portals in the country, it can be easily implied that Jobaaj comes out to be in the top 5 job portals in the country with it being at the top of the list specifically in the financial and accounting sector!