Kimo Helping Thousands of Traders Navigate the Market

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Kimo, the President of Investor Central Capital - DBA Investor Central Club, is a Stock Trader, an Investor and mentors thousands of traders.

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He has garnered a strong follower base of 20,000 on Instagram in just a year and has recently launched a discord chatroom that hosts hundreds of traders ready to tackle the markets on the trading floor. He has also written two bestselling books, "Options Trading Strategies", and "Ultimate Technical Chart Analysis".

The world of trading and investing is a dynamic one, and we were very fascinated by Kimo's work and also had some curiosities regarding his career and his journey to becoming a trading powerhouse.

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He is a busy man, but fortunately he agreed to carve some time out of his day to sit down with us and answer some of our questions.

Q: With your experience in the market, you have obviously taught a lot and probably learnt a lot as well. Taking a look back at your roots, what would you say is the key component that helped you jumpstart your career?

Kimo: That is an interesting question, you see when I started, I was stepping in and sticking to the textbooks. And I did a lot of things, but in hindsight, the most important one was not some out of the box trick. What I did was similar to the majority of investors who first dove into the stock market. I started with long-term dividend investing until I broadened my scope of knowledge into options trading & options strategies.

Q: And where did the fork in the road come from? How did you set yourself apart from everyone?

Kimo: Well, with time, I figured out how to leverage my capital to create a source of income that would pay me more than any form of dividend ever would. The more I worked, the more my mental gears churned and I arrived at a couple of epiphanies. It was like a veil was lifted and I could see clearly how to map the road ahead. My thoughts and realizations led me to design a system around my routine and risk tolerance. Fast forward, I ran countless backtests of a variety of strategies and tweaked my emotions to not interfere with my work - I created a polished system that compliments my edge in the field.

Q: That comment about tweaking your emotional state was an interesting one, what did you mean by that?

Kimo: I believe that it is important to keep your mental health and emotions in check, don't trade when you're too happy and don't trade when you're in a bad mental state. Find a hobby or exercise to reduce stress and keep mental state balanced and consistent.

Q: Coming to the present, what key projects are you working on? What goals are the driving force behind your work?

Kimo: I don't want to show all my cards at once, but for the past three years I've been working on a project that is now nearing its completion. It is a Trading Algorithm Software, and very soon you'll get to know more about it. As for my goals… in the long-term I'd say that eventually, I would want to start my own hedge fund. But my current goal is to expand my discord chatroom and equip it with tools and resources.

Q: Could you shed a little more light on the tools for the discord chatroom you mentioned?

Kimo: The chatroom is stocked up with tools that traders need and with the tools we provide, our traders have an edge. The discord room has a Smart Money Option Flow in Real-time, Dark Pool & Equity Blocks, an Unusual Options Activity, you get Trade & Investment Alerts in Real-time, there are Daily Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades, Daily Analyst Price Target Changes and Daily Watchlists and fresh Trade Ideas everyday and traders can access Educational Course Content anytime they want.

Q: That is an impressive lineup. Everything seems to be in good hands. Apart from these tools, do you have any tips for the traders?

Kimo: It's more of an advice, really. But I always tell everyone to appreciate their journey. Everyone has their own timeline, their own story, do not get stuck romanticising someone else's journey and crash yours by not being passionate about it or trying to make it something else. I have seen so many young traders & investors dive into the stock market looking for a way to get rich in a very short amount of time. They hear a couple of tales about how some struck gold quickly and want that for themselves too. This mindset is what will keep them from making any wealth. Instead, they should be open to learn, and if they've decided to dive into this world they should do so while grasping what is realistic vs. what is a fantasy. Many new traders and investors compare themselves to others who have years or decades of experience over them and they chase the same level of success which will only hurt them.

Q: You mentioned how new traders should be open to learning, where should they look to when in search of guidance?

Kimo: One of the best ways to learn is to simply start. Fear will always be there no matter what you decide to do with your career. In trading/investing, it's the same but the only way to learn any new skill set is by starting and experiencing it first hand. Risk analysis is good but start telling yourself how you can make it happen and not why you can't.

We had a wonderful and very insightful talk with Kimo, which he concluded with, "All in all, keep pushing forward. The knowledge behind the financial markets will allow you to create many more additional sources of income!".