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SymbolCompany NameLast PriceIndustry / CategoryTypeExchange
RERCXAmerican Funds Europacific Growth R354.61N/AMutual FundNAS
VWIGXVanguard International Growth Inv29.21N/AMutual FundNAS
VMGRXVanguard Mid Cap Growth Inv25.40N/AMutual FundNAS
RGAGXAmerican Funds Growth Fund of Amer R649.44N/AMutual FundNAS
FGCKXFidelity Growth Company K174.77N/AMutual FundNAS
AEPFXAmerican Funds Europacific Growth F255.67N/AMutual FundNAS
VMRAXVanguard Morgan Growth Admiral91.85N/AMutual FundNAS
USCGXUSAA Capital Growth11.91N/AMutual FundNAS
STFGXState Farm Growth76.52N/AMutual FundNAS
SGRAXWells Fargo Growth A41.46N/AMutual FundNAS
PGRWXPutnam Fund for Growth & Income A22.87N/AMutual FundNAS
PGOFXPioneer Growth Opportunities A41.31N/AMutual FundNAS
NEXTXShelton Green Alpha17.63N/AMutual FundNAS
MGOYXVictory Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth Y40.62N/AMutual FundNAS
GTLLXGlenmede Large Cap Growth30.15N/AMutual FundNAS
GFAFXAmerican Funds Growth Fund of Amer F148.99N/AMutual FundNAS
FGRIXFidelity Growth & Income35.75N/AMutual FundNAS
ALTFXAB Sustainable Global Thematic A110.01N/AMutual FundNAS
ACGIXInvesco Growth and Income A28.15N/AMutual FundNAS
VSMGXVanguard LifeStrategy Moderate Gr Inv26.46N/AMutual FundNAS