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SymbolCompany NameLast PriceIndustry / CategoryTypeExchange
BOCHBank of Commerce Holdings10.15Regional - Mid-Atlantic BanksStocksNGM
VIB3.DEVilleroy & Boch AG19.20Home Furnishings & FixturesStocksGER
VIB3.SGVILLEROY & BOCH AG Inhaber-Vorz19.20Home Furnishings & FixturesStocksSTU
0OPA.LVilleroy & Boch AG13.20N/AStocksLSE
VIB3.MUVILLEROY + BOCH AG VZ19.03Home Furnishings & FixturesStocksMUN
HK0000039682.HKBOCHK IF Asia Pacific Property A9.36N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000206646.HKBOCHK All Weather China HY Bd A4 AUD-H10.75N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000039674.HKBOCHK Asia Pacific Equity A32.35N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000140365.HKBOCHK All Weather China HY Bd C HKD9.99N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000153848.HKBOCHK All Weather HK & China Eq A HKD10.92N/AMutual FundHKG
VIB3.HAVILLEROY + BOCH AG VZ18.92Home Furnishings & FixturesStocksHAN
HK0000039765.HKBOCHK Global Equity A USD23.10N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000039716.HKBOCHK China Equity A67.84N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000206778.HKBOCHK All Weather HK&China Eq A3 (AUD-H)11.82N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000210309.HKBOCHK All Weather CNY Equity A3 HKD Acc7.86N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000039807.HKBOCHK Hong Kong Income A14.38N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000039666.HKBOCHK IF - Asia Pacific Eq Inc A12.57N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000039732.HKBOCHK China Income A13.07N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000039708.HKBOCHK Balanced Growth A21.50N/AMutual FundHKG
HK0000039724.HKBOCHK China Golden Dragon A34.26N/AMutual FundHKG