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SymbolCompany NameLast PriceIndustry / CategoryTypeExchange
PFFiShares US Preferred Stock ETF38.38N/AETFNGM
APTSPreferred Apartment Communities, Inc.20.65REIT - ResidentialStocksNYQ
PGXPowerShares Preferred ETF15.02N/AETFPCX
PBHPrestige Brands Holdings, Inc.45.57Medical Appliances & EquipmentStocksNYQ
PGFPowerShares Financial Preferred ETF19.00N/AETFPCX
FPFFirst Trust Intermediate Duration Preferred & Income Fund24.89N/AStocksNYQ
AMRKA-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.14.84Investment Brokerage - NationalStocksNMS
PPBIPacific Premier Bancorp, Inc.39.10Regional - Pacific BanksStocksNMS
RNPCohen & Steers REIT and Preferred Income Fund, Inc.20.94N/AStocksNYQ
PFBIPremier Financial Bancorp, Inc.21.03Regional - Southeast BanksStocksNGM
VGPMXVanguard Precious Metals and Mining Inv9.99N/AMutual FundNAS
SPILSiliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.8.24N/AStocksNMS
PPTPutnam Premier Income Trust5.19N/AStocksNYQ
NPKNational Presto Industries, Inc.100.00Aerospace/Defense Products & ServicesStocksNYQ
NFJAllianzGI NFJ Dividend, Interest & Premium Strategy Fund13.58N/AStocksNYQ
VPGVishay Precision Group, Inc.25.90Scientific & Technical InstrumentsStocksNYQ
PLPCPreformed Line Products Company74.70Industrial Electrical EquipmentStocksNMS
PFBCPreferred Bank61.49Regional - Pacific BanksStocksNMS
NPINuveen Premium Income Municipal Fund, Inc.15.02N/AStocksNYQ
PSAUPowerShares Global Gold & Prec Mtls ETF18.75N/AETFNGM