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SymbolCompany NameLast PriceIndustry / CategoryTypeExchange
RYLIXRydex Leisure Inv72.73N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLAXRydex Leisure H65.41N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLGXRydex S&P 500 Pure Growth A68.92N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLVXRydex S&P 500 Pure Value A85.26N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLYXRussell LifePoints 2050 Strategy R39.26N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLPFKoninklijke Philips N.V.38.65N/AStocksPNK
RYLBFRoyal Bank of Canada19.81N/AStocksPNK
RYLCXRydex Leisure C60.42N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLTXRussell LifePoints 2050 Strategy R29.29N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLRXRussell Inv LifePoints 2050 Strategy R14.38N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLHYRoyale Furniture Holdings Limited0.01N/AStocksPNK
RYLPXRoyce Low Priced Stock Svc8.63N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLSXRydex Leisure A67.20N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLDXRydex Dow 2x Strategy A87.05N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLWXRussell Inv LifePoints 2050 Strategy R54.37N/AMutual FundNAS
RYLUXRussell Inv LifePoints 2050 Strategy R44.40N/AMutual FundNAS