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Framebridge pushes into brick-and-mortar with first store

Rebecca Cooper

Online framing startup Frambridge Inc. is plunging headfirst into brick-and-mortar with its first permanent retail location, a second on the way and the potential for as many as six more that could open by early 2020.  The first location, at 1919 14th St. NW in D.C., opens Tuesday in 1,400 square feet along one of D.C.’s busiest corridors. The second, a 400-square-foot jewel box in the Bethesda Row development in Bethesda, will open in April.  Framebridge is looking to test a range of store sizes and locations, hence the urban core and suburban stores as the first two. In all, CEO Susan Tynan says her hope is Framebridge could have between six and eight stores by late 2019 or early 2020, both in the D.C. market and elsewhere.  “We’re testing different store sizes in different parts of the community, and we’re experimenting with programming,” said Tynan in an interview on the leather couch at the D.C. store.