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CNP Assurances -- Moody's assigns an A3(hyb) rating to CNP's EUR500 million 10-year subordinated notes

Moody's Investors Service has today assigned an A3(hyb) rating to the EUR500 million dated subordinated notes due 2029 issued by CNP Assurances (CNP, rated A1 for insurance financial strength, stable outlook) under its EUR7 billion EMTN programme. The A3(hyb) rating of the debt reflects (i) the ranking of the debt (subordinated), (ii) the mandatory coupon deferral mechanism (in case of breach of regulatory capital requirements) and (iii) the cumulative nature of deferred coupons, in case of deferral. The new subordinated debt will rank pari passu with existing Tier 2 and Tier 3 subordinated debt issued by CNP, but will rank senior to the restricted Tier 1 debt issued in 2018.