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South Florida timeshare exit firms file Chapter 11 amid lawsuits

Brian Bandell

A group of Fort Lauderdale-based companies accused of encouraging people to exit their timeshare units filed Chapter 11 reorganization as they deal with lawsuits from industry leaders Bluegreen Vacations Corp. and Wyndham Vacations Resorts. In separate lawsuits, Boca Raton-based Bluegreen Corp. (NYSE: BXG) and Orlando-based Wyndham (NYSE: WYND) have accused American Resource Management Group (ARMG) and its affiliate of defrauding timeshare customers and causing damage to their companies through deceptive marketing tactics. The companies deny wrongdoing and accuse Bluegreen and Wyndham of trying to “litigate the timeshare exit industry out of business,” according to ARMG's response in opposition to a bankruptcy trustee appointment.