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U.S. military looks to Colorado companies, commercial services to meet growing space threat

Greg Avery

The U.S. military wants to evolve quickly and increasingly adopt commercial space services to maintain the nation’s supremacy in orbit with Russia, China and, now, India investing in weapons to attack satellites.  The military’s view of space as an increasingly hostile place was apparent throughout this year’s Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, a gathering of more 15,000 aerospace and defense contractors, military leaders, researchers and space agency officials. Transforming how the military buys space capabilities — making it more agile like the private sector, or forging partnerships with nimble companies — dominated the speeches, panel discussions and military briefings.   Russia and China are both investing billions on missiles, energy weapons and satellites with the potential to blind U.S. satellites, disable them from orbit or shoot them out of the sky, the U.S. military says.