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AMD Does It Again With 2nd Generation Desktop Ryzen Processor

Patrick Moorhead

2017 was quite the year for Advanced Micro Devices who came from the throes of corporate peril to a sustainable entity to a product performance leader in certain products, workloads, and markets.  When was the last time you saw this? AMD’s client computing group, in one year, announced Ryzen ThreadRipper, Ryzen (7, 5, 3), Ryzen Mobile for notebooks and Ryzen Pro for commercial markets.  AMD made a much bigger impact in desktops than in notebook and gained a profitable 2.1% desktop market share (Mercury Research), but I am expecting notebook gains in the first half of 2018 with new models I see from HP Inc., Dell, and Lenovo. Intel does not like to see any benchmark bars or even price/performance bars higher than theirs, and let’s not forget that Qualcomm has entered the space, too.