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How Goldman Sachs Could Rise 20% in 2018 (Maybe 40% Over Time)

How Goldman Sachs Could Rise 20% in 2018 (Maybe 40% Over Time)

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS) could be in for a good 2018. This stock has greatly lagged the market gains in 2017, and it has lagged peer bank and financial players as well. The firm that has the nickname “Golden Slacks” was already rated as Buy at Merrill Lynch, but now the firm has raised its status by adding it to the prized US 1 list. Its price objective was also raised to $300 from $290. For the record, this new target is roughly 20% higher than the prior consensus analyst price target. Note that the prior street-high analyst price target on Goldman Sachs was $294. Investors should also consider that this call could be a big boost for the Dow Jones Industrial Average if it is proven