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Tesla Will Not Solve Its Many Problems With Elon Musk as 'Head Coach'

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When asked about his team's execution in the midst of a run in which his Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost their first 26 games as a franchise, coach John McKay replied, "I'm in favor of it." When I read the constant barrage of newsflow about Tesla's (TSLA) operations, I have the same feeling. CEO Elon Musk is obviously well known for his tweeting, but his tweet Thursday night was especially disturbing. Musk has been a human hype machine for the past three years about the potential for Tesla to begin mass-producing the Model 3, but as that production pace starts to expand (albeit gradually) it would seem as if his company had no idea of the consequences of mass production. The Model 3 ramp is more than two years behind schedule in terms of production cadence, so how did Tesla execs not use that extra time to figure out the logistics involved in delivering cars?