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Sequoia's owners did an $11M renovation to boost sales. So far, it hasn't paid off.

Rebecca Cooper

The massive Sequoia restaurant on the Georgetown waterfront has been slow to bounce back from its 2017 closure, its owners told investors in a recent earnings call.  The 27,000-square-foot restaurant closed for the first six months in 2017 to pursue an $11 million renovation. The issue is connected to two factors: slower pace of private event bookings and an extremely rainy spring and summer season in Washington, which prevented the restaurant from pulling in more revenue from its 550-seat outdoor patio.   “After an expensive refurbishment which added additional capacity for private events, bookings in the late summer and fall were less than our expectation,” the company's Feb. 19 annual report said. “We believe this was a factor of having been closed many months for the renovation.”  I reached out to Ark Restaurants for further comment and will update this story if I learn more.  Sequoia's recent troubles could be related to increased competition on D.C.'s waterfronts.