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Retail Roundup: Amazon Alternatives, Urban Outfitters Renewal, Costco in France

"It's hard not to own Amazon if you want exposure to retail," Randy Hare, director of equity research at Huntington Private Bank, tells Barron's, "but the benefit of owning it is greater than its retail [operations]." He cites Amazon Web Services, its cloud division, along with advertising, fast-growing parts of its business that "help fuel the pressure it can put on other retailers."  The biggest worry for the stock is from Washington, but Hare doesn't see anything happening on that front near term. The move also provides some insulation if there are any pricing concerns with the post office or other transportation partners "who it does work well with." In addition, Hare notes that Amazon's willing to collect tax on third-party sales, and already collects sales tax on its own items in all 45 states that require it.