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Meet Vlad Gasan Disrupting & Transforming the Product Management Industry

·4 min read

Are you looking forward to getting job offers from top companies? Do you want to break into Product Management or get your first job in product as a student?

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Product Management is one of the highly sought after careers in the technology industry, with more and more people trying to break into it.

“I can’t keep up with DM requests asking for help with how to get a job in product” - says Vlad.

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Why? Product Management is a very rewarding career path that allows an individual to make significant impact: Product Managers build cool products, set vision and strategy, work with engineers and designers, enjoy tech company perks like free food and flexible vacations - all while making 6 figures a year. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a job in Product Management - now is probably the best time. The Demand for Product Managers has constantly been growing for the last five years. Glassdoor ranked the role of a Product Manager at #3 in its list of 50 best jobs in America for 2021.

Hiring managers expect candidates to have a variety of skills: leadership, data analysis, rigorous prioritization, clear communication, and, of course, technical knowledge.

If you want to speed up your leap into Product Management you need to follow a proven process and learn from someone who achieved the goal you’re trying to reach. Learning these skills and trying to get the job by yourself can be quite challenging. This is why Vlad Gasan embarked on a mission to help more people get PM jobs - so far he has helped over 50 people break into Product Management and get offers from top tech companies.

About Vlad Gasan

Vlad Gasan is the founder of the Product Management Mastermind community with over 4000 active members worldwide.

He worked for top tech companies like eBay, specializing in e-commerce, marketplaces, and online communities. Currently, Vlad is the Principal Product Manager at OfferUp, where he focuses on experimentation and business intelligence products.

Why You Need To Work With Vlad

For more than eight years, Vlad worked as a software product manager. He shipped products that impacted the lives of millions of users. Vlad created a PM community and a coaching program for aspiring Product Managers to help them land PM roles and six-figure job offers in 2-4 months.

Erin is one of his clients who landed her first PM job out of college. She accepted a role at a Series D startup called SOCi as an Associate Product Manager position. Other clients accepted roles at top tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

Success Does Not Happen Overnight

Vlad’s journey to success has not been a walk in the park. Originally from Ukraine, he had to deal with visa issues and grueling wait times when moving to the United States. On top of that, getting his first job as a Product Manager in Silicon Valley was very difficult.

“I realized that the playing field is uneven - I am competing with all these smart people from Google and Stanford. How can I, an average guy from Ukraine get a PM job here?” - says Vlad.

However, throughout the obstacles, he has learned to be patient, persistent, and embrace failure. He used his obstacles as a stepping stone to get to the next level.

Wrapping Up

“Helping people, doing fulfilling work, and feeling happy - this is what matters most to me.” - says Vlad.

If you need help with getting a job in Product Management - consider Vlad’s coaching system that helped 50+ people make the transition. In a highly competitive job market every tiny advantage matters. At the end of the day, you’re competing with other people. And the only way to beat others is to do what they are not doing. Also, your situation, skills, and obstacles are unique - a coach can develop a personalized career plan, help you learn the skills, improve your resume, and help you get a PM job at your dream company. This is a recipe for success.