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5 Jobs that could earn you over $100K: U.S. News

The old saying 'do what you love and the money will follow' seems like practical advice. However, the money could be reason enough to make you love what you do. Why not decide for yourself after reading the list of the Best Paying Jobs: compiled by U.S. News. Jada Graves, careers product manager, at U.S. News, gave Yahoo Finance some specifics on the top five highest-paying occupations. You can read an excerpt from her interview below and check out the full list here.

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#1 Physician $137K-$186K

“It depends on the type of physician you are, in this case we are talking about the a general internist.”

#2 Dentist $105K-$146K

“They have an excellent work-life balance compared to other healthcare jobs.”

#3 Marketing Manager $88K-$166K

“Think Don Draper. They are the people who decide how we like to be sold the things we are sold.”

#4 IT Manager $96K-$156K

“They are actually the boss of the people who make sure the Sony hack doesn’t happen.”

#5 Lawyers $75K-$169K

“There are lawyers who are in the courtroom, there are lawyers that do wills. This is a bedrock profession for which there is always going to be growth.”

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