0-10 Million dollars in 17 months - How Kevin David Took over the Digital Course Market

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 1, 2019 / Companies like Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), Yahoo! (YHOO), Facebook (FB) all have to constantly innovate. But so does Kevin David.

If you would meet Kevin David in a middle of the day, you might wonder why this young man is not in school or at work. There is nothing extraordinary that jumps out, he seems like a regular 25-30 year old walking down the street.

Wrong! Kevin is anything but ordinary. He is a self made millionaire before the age of thirty, and teaches and mentors a community of over half a million people. His money comes from utilising a profitable digital course market while his enormous success is directly related to hard work and providing values to others.

So how did Kevin David take over the digital course market and go from $0 to $10 million dollars in revenue in only 17 months?

Well, there are many things that led to Kevin David's massive success. The biggest factor was social media marketing. By utilizing multiple social media platforms and digital marketing strategies, Kevin was able to find massive success through selling courses that teach fellow entrepreneurs how to duplicate his success with creating businesses with Amazon, Shopify and Facebook Ads.

Success tip number one: Utilize the power of social media.

After teaching over 509,547 people learn how to make money online and helping 2,376 people to quit their jobs to make money online full time, Kevin David is one of the most successful ''digital course'' teachers in the world today.

Getting his knowledge in the hands of hundreds of thousands people wasn't easy. In order to get his message out to as many people as possible, Kevin began creating on Youtube. He now has over 382,000 subscribers on his channel where he gives out business, entrepreneur, and lifestyle advice. Check out his channel here. His videos are viewed by thousands of people each day, and because they find so much value from his free content, they are compelled to purchase his paid courses, where he goes further into detail about the strategies behind different business models.

Success tip number two: Give enormous value.

The second form of marketing Kevin took advantage of was Facebook Advertising. Running paid traffic to specific audiences every single day put his face in front of thousands of people that had never been exposed to his content. It effectively grew his brand beyond Youtube and onto the largest social media platform in the world.

Success tip number three: Harness the power of Facebook to present your offer.

All of this culminated into Kevin selling hundreds of thousands of courses. He ended up creating the largest Facebook group in the world, where students in his programs could ask him questions directly and interact with other entrepreneurs who are in the program. Topics range from business related questions to motivational to improving a quality of life in general.

Success tip number four: Find your WHY and keep hustling!

Now, with his Digital Course Secrets program, Kevin is teaching others how to sell courses the same way he did, he is sharing the same exact formula that helped him become so successful. Not only does he teach how to create an amazing course, but he teaches how to launch and market your course for the best possible results and in the shortest possible way, eliminating all of the hurdles he experienced in his business.

One thing you'll notice on Kevin's website is that he puts his course testimonials front and center. His courses have created tremendous results for everyday people, and through their word of mouth, his courses have gotten into the hands of people who normally would consider paying for an online course to be too risky.

Kevin truly has taken the digital course market by storm and is only continuing to grow as more and more people are finding success by following in his digital footsteps.

Kevin David is a successful entrepreneur and YouTuber. He has hours and hours of free content to help empower and teach people how to create successful online businesses and free themselves from a 9-5 grind.

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