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How You Can Get Huge Discounts on 10 Common Products at the Drugstore

Nancy Dunham

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Sure, you want the great deals you’ve heard about at drugstores, but you just can’t spend time hunting for flyers and coupons.

No problem. If you have 60 seconds and a smartphone (yes, a regular computer will do, too!), you can find the best bargains in any drugstore you visit — CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and beyond. For starters, check out WildForWags and WildForCVS, sites that are laser-focused on deals at Walgreen’s and CVS. You’ll also find incredible drugstore bargains and freebies at sites including PennyPinchinMom, TheKrazyCouponLady, Hip2Save, CouponMom and other sites.

If you can carve out a bit more time to coupon — not just look them up on the fly as you go in the store — you’ll really save big. While one drugstore might have a sale on a favorite product, another might have the same product at an even lower price. And if you sign up for rewards cards you’ll find even more bargains.

Sound like too much work to squeeze into your busy life? Consider some of these great bargains we found at the sites mentioned above. Of course, deals change quickly, so don’t be surprised if you find other products on the sites. Here are some of the current best buys and tips for finding great ones later.

1. Cereal

When we spoke with Christie Hardcastle, owner of WildForWags and WildForCVS she said that anytime you visit a drugstore you’ll likely find cereal deals. Why? Cereal is a relatively expensive product, so low prices on it bring people into the store.

Sure enough, WildForCVS showed Very Berry Cheerios at just $2.88 a box when you buy two. She also provides a link to a coupon for $1 off for a box. Check the site and she’ll show you how to mix and match products to save even more.

You’ll find a similar deal at Rite Aid, where you can get the cereal, regularly priced at $5, for $1 per box, noted Hip2Save, which shows how to combine coupons and rewards points.

2. & 3. Shampoo and conditioner

If you’re like me, you always see shampoo and conditioner on sale at drugstores. That’s another stock-up-and-save product. Hip2Save shows you can get L’Oreal Hair Expert Shampoo and Hair Expert Conditioner for just 50 cents each at Rite Aid if you purchase them at the sale price (2 for $8), earn 300 Plenti (reward) points (valued at $3) and use the L’Oreal coupon available on the site.

Okay, by the time of publication, this deal will expire, but it’s a great example of how you can make out like a bandit if you pay attention: CouponMom had a deal on Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner at CVS that — by purchasing the products at the sale price, and using a coupon — enabled you to actually make a $3.70 profit! (That deal ran from June 18 to June 24, but there will be more.)

4. Sugar substitute

Another great item to buy at bargain prices are sugar substitutes. WildForWags shows a Walgreens deal on Sweet ‘N Low 120 pack. If you’re in a rush, you can buy the box for $1.99. But take a minute and print out the Sweet ‘N Low coupon, and you can get this product for $1.49.

5. & 6. Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are constantly on sale, so stock up and you can avoid ever paying full price. You might wonder why you should bother? Are the savings really that great? The answer is yes.

Consider this example of a great deal on Colgate Total toothpaste on WildForCVS: You can buy one Colgate Total toothpaste for $3.49. Then use a $1 coupon, which brings the price to $2.49. Buy it, and you’ll get $2 in ExtraBucksRewards (to use toward future purchases), Add on a Mobisave cash-back deal and your total payment is 29 cents. (Be sure to use those ExtraBucksRewards though!)

Need a toothbrush, too? WildForCVS tips you off that Colgate 360 toothbrushes are on sale for $3.99. Take a minute and use the $2 coupon, and the price drops to $1.99. You’ll get $1 ExtraBucksRewards, so your overall price is 99 cents.

7. & 8. Dairy and eggs

Running out to just pick up milk and eggs? Swing by the drugstore, and you’ll likely save $1 for each product, Hardcastle told us. Prices vary regionally, but you’ll almost always get a better deal on these products than you will at the grocery store.

Speaking of grocery stores, they have their place, but know when to go elsewhere. Check out: “20 Things You Should Never Buy at the Grocery Store” and find out where to get them instead.

9. Cosmetics

There are plenty of great cosmetics available at drugstores, reported Harper’s Bazaar. Spend a little time online, and you’ll find plenty of great bargains, too. TheKrazyCouponLady recently had a host of coupons for Almay cosmetics — from hair color to lip, eye and face products — that save dollars on items.

WildForCVS has all sorts of ways you can save on Wet ‘n Wild, Maybelline, Rimmel and Cover Girl cosmetics. Some are priced as low as 29 cents — or free!

10. Drugstore-brand diapers

WildForCVS also has great deals on diapers including Huggies ($4.99 for a Jumbo Pack) and Honest Company (Buy One, Get One, 40 percent off and some free trials).

Fans of Walgreens noted that they often have the Buy One, Get One offers on their house brand.

We’re all in a rush these days but it pays to spend a bit of time looking for drugstore sales and coupons. Drugstore sale sites take the hard work out of it.

Here are the ones we mentioned above: WildForCVS, TheKrazyCouponLady, WildForWags, PennyPinchinMom, CouponMom and Hip2Save. Bookmark them!

What’s your drugstore of choice and how do you find the best deals there? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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